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A Coversation With Hip Hop Sensation Lu Castro

A Coversation With Hip Hop Sensation Lu Castro

Lu Castro is a rap battler’s nightmare and Hip Hop Star’s dream that was raised in the Bronx, NY. Despite a tumultuous childhood, Lu’s parents maintained a collective effort to raise their son the best way they knew how. Money was tight and it resulted in moving around. Music was his only consistent friend and the words of 50 Cent, Chris Brown, and Kanye helped to ease the stress. They inspired him to keep going. By the time Lu was 13, he was convinced he could be a rapper simply because he knew he couldn’t sing. That same confidence would channel when he made it into the URL years later.

Reminiscent of a boxer, Lu steps in the battle rapping and verbally destroys his opponents. Each battle amassing thousands of views on URL TV and capturing the hearts of those who love the craft. Still in his gut, he wanted to be recognized as an artist. His shot would come when the opportunity arose to write a song for the hit show Star on Fox. The moment didn’t feel real until he watched Brandy belt out his works as Queen Latifah watched.

The positive resulted in more songs to follow. As Lu gears up for his first LP release, his family is constantly motivating him to win. He knows the blueprint he will leave behind to help someone else succeed. Lu Castro is just getting started.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Lu Castro.

Lu Castro

How do you use your talent to empower others?

Lu Castro:  To show people that you don’t have to settle for working doing something you don’t love. I feel like the road I’m on is a testament that hard work and dedication to your craft and what you love will always prevail.

Where do you see yourself in five years? What steps are you taking to get there?

Lu Castro:  I see myself being a brand. My hands are in a lot of different things such as acting, comedy, songwriting, and making great music. I’m placing myself in a position to help others reach their goals.

What are you cooking up right now in the music world?

Lu Castro:  I’m currently working on my project. “To make a long story short”. It will be out soon.

What are some of your best qualities as a music artist?

Lu Castro: My versatility, I feel I’m able to jump into different pockets and styles of music.

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What does music mean to you personally?

Lu Castro:  It’s an escape and chance to express myself in ways I can’t formulate in regular conversation. It’s also a time machine for me because I usually write about my mood or feelings at that current moment so it captures that for me and seals it in a song to always look back on.

Any upcoming appearances?

Lu Castro: Yes, I have a few rap battles scheduled and a few shows along the east coast.

Keep up-to-date on Instagram  @whynotcastro

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