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A Conversation With Motivational Fitness Business Genesys Fitness Creator Beverly K. Johnson

A Conversation With Motivational Fitness Business Genesys Fitness Creator Beverly K. Johnson

Having been a Zumba instructor for years, Beverly K. Johnson knew her influence included
more than fitness training when a candid conversation with an exercising client revealed that
women in caretaker roles often forget about themselves. She named her new motivational
fitness business Genesys Fitness because it signified a rebirth for the often “forgotten” woman:
the divorce’, caretaker, and empty-nester.

GenFit is a community of women who recognize the need to reclaim their lives and are
emotionally ready to do the work with Beverly K. Johnson, a motivational life coach, fitness
trainer, and “girlfriend of authority”. At GenFit, we believe self-care takes priority over caring for
others because it is in caring for ourselves that we make the best caregivers. We believe that by
helping women rediscover who they are after suffering a loss, she will be empowered to
become her ideal self – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Beverly Johnson.

Beverly Johnson

Hi Beverly, we are thrilled to chat with you today. We absolutely love the name of your fitness business, Genesys Fitness, wow how cool! Please tell us about it.

Beverly Johnson: Oddly enough, Genesys was not the original name. I had a list of ten names for my business and it was NOT on the list. I went out to find the domain name and every name was taken. As I sat there frustrated, I asked myself- “What’s the overall goal for my services?” I told myself that my goal is to provide solutions, offer a new path to a healthy lifestyle. A genesis. Then I added the Y in the word to add a flair to it.

What do you love about the work that do you?

Beverly Johnson: I love the people!  It’s an amazing feeling when someone walks up to me and says, “thank you for helping me reach my goal!” Being able to partner with a person and seeing them achieve their goals is very humbling.

What inspired you to enter the fitness industry?

Beverly Johnson: I must give credit to my ex-husband for encouraging me to take the plunge. He was involved in the fitness industry and by proximity, I became involved in it. He encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and earn my dance fitness licenses. The rest is history.

From your perspective why is it important for women to self-care physically, mentally, and emotionally?

Beverly Johnson: Often, we’ve become accustomed to putting ourselves last. We’ve given our absolute best to everyone else. Then we try to live off the fumes. We must recognize that it’s important to nurture ourselves and create spaces in our schedules for self-care.

What are some of your self-care routines?

Beverly Johnson: My routines can vary from getting a mani-pedi, splurging for dinner at a nice restaurant to putting my phone on “do not disturb” and taking a nap. At the core, it’s about carving out time for myself and resetting my spirit.

Please tell us about your title “girlfriend of authority”?

Beverly Johnson:  Over the years, I’ve always been that friend who everyone goes to seeking information. With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, people know that they will receive sound information mixed with humor and love.

What is it about being a motivational life coach that moves your soul?

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Beverly Johnson: It’s a surreal feeling when I’m working with a client and see the puzzle pieces falling into place. Many of my clients share with me that they have attempted other weight loss programs and failed. During the initial consultation, I can see the uncertainty about the process. I ask them to trust the process and give your all. When my clients begin to see progress, I can see the determination to succeed and achieve their goals.

Any projects you currently working on?

Beverly Johnson: I’ve been writing more lately. I’m creating more content for my blogs as well as developing some E-books.

Beverly Johnson

How can we keep up to date with all you have going on?

Beverly Johnson: Please follow our page on Facebook, Genesys Fitness. As part of the community, you’ll receive health tips, motivation, and practical tips on how to navigate your wellness journey.

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