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Women Who Inspire: Libra Hicks

Women Who Inspire: Libra Hicks

Libra J. Hicks is a mother, non-profit founder, empowerment speaker, podcast host, and fitness coach who is passionate about helping women who live a similar lifestyle as she does. She’s taken everything she’s learned on this special needs parenting journey and gifted back to those who are hopeless!

After complications from a traumatic birthing that occurred on December 15th, 2005 which lead to her oldest son’s diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, Libra began to engulf herself in the necessary things that would give her the knowledge she needed to carry her son’s weight (figuratively and literally).

The care for her oldest intensified as new challenges presented themselves. As Libra continued to learn more about her son and all that he needed, she discovered a lack of knowledge, self- worth, access to resources, etc. Gaining knowledge was a complicated thing and something that was common across the board. Lack of inclusion and understanding of the special needs community was something that stood out the most for Libra. As time grew, Libra decided to embark on a 501c3 that would gift her the ability to fully assist her community in areas that are most needed to help offer aid and assistance where assistance and resources lack.

In 2017 Libra’s youngest son, Lyric Ja’Dore was diagnosed with Autism. Since then, she’s added another reason Our Children’s Story, Inc. is important and needed. Each day there’s a newborn that’s has experienced or will experience some form of a disability, who will be there to support them when their parents need guidance?

Libra has a desire to show moms/women who care for loved ones with disabilities that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible to achieve. As long as there’s the desire and willingness to be uncomfortable for as long as it takes to achieve your greatness! Our Children’s Story, Inc. has been in operation since 2017. Since its birth, we’ve served over 500 families across the united states. During COVID virtual has been the answer for continued services to families at a distance.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Libra.

Libra Hicks

Tammy: Please tell us about the impact that is made with Our Children Story Inc?

Libra: Our Childrens Story, Inc. has been significant within the special needs community, by educating families on how to best advocate for their loved one, how to ask questions, and leading them to those who can assist with their journey in caring for their loved one with disabilities. The goal is to teach you how to fish so you can be fruitful within the life you were gifted.

Tammy: I, too am a mother of a child with a disability. In what ways do you empower mothers who are in
similar situations?

Libra: My goal is to show moms who have a similar lifestyle endless possibilities and potential. Often, we get stuck in the trauma and not the solution. I want to show moms that they can definitely achieve, and I can attest to that. You can have ANYTHING, even when it appears otherwise. No matter what, you can show up fully and be successful doing so.

Tammy: What would you like our readers to be informed about when encountering parents with special
needs children?

Libra: I would like those who encounter my boys (Antthony Jr. and Lyric Ja’Dore) to know that asking questions is ok, I’d rather you learn vs assume, talk to my sons directly, trust me even though they are non-verbal, they have their own way responding to those who are speaking to them and not at them. Offer assistance such as holding the door or putting the grocery cart up, those small gestures go a long way and shows the humanity that still has the potential to exist. Lastly, don’t feel sorry for us! We are not in a destitute situation. We are showing up for the life GOD gave, and all we ask for is understanding with a mixture of respect!

Tammy: What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Libra: The work that I do is in honor of my boys; loving them properly means benefits for others. I understand this isn’t me, this is my boys; I am just physically and mentally capable of carrying them through! That’s motherhood; that’s the capability all women have. I am only doing what we do best, and that’s love, build, nurture, and protect! Every mother has a superpower, and this just happens to be mine!

Tammy: Who helped you through your special needs parenting journey?

Libra: I’ve had many beautiful hands lead me to the best my boys have now, however, my boys are the ONLY ones who are helping me through this interesting journey. They are the ones going through it with me, they are the ones who are patient while I figure things out. They are understanding when I am not my best, they are in the battle with me. They don’t have to understand because they are right there with me.

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Tammy: Please tell us about your podcast and how we can check it out?

Libra: Chit Chat Podcast is a community podcast that supports those who are doing phenomenal things within their community! Chit Chat Podcast can be found on all major platforms such as but not limited to Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, YouTube!

Tammy: What do you want your legacy to be?

Libra: A legacy that has an abundance of hope and mixed with the strength to execute! That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

Libra Hicks


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