Nydia Figueroa On Becoming NYC’s Go-To Celebrity Makeup Artist

Nydia Figueroa, a world-renowned celebrity makeup artist has over twelve years of expertise in the beauty field. The commencement of her career originated as an artist for one of the largest beauty powerhouses in the world, MAC Cosmetics. In addition to MAC cosmetics, she worked alongside 5x Emmy Award winner, Eve Pearl. Nydia served as the global membership director and executive assistant. Growing in her notoriety, Nydia’s makeup expertise was published on The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, NYFW, The Grammys, The Miss Universe organization, Harper’s Bazaar, and W Magazine. She has also made cameo television appearances on Telemundo and Dr.Oz on Fox. In addition, she is the beauty director for Fashion GXD Magazine, an internationally best-selling magazine based in NYC.

In spring 2020, the global pandemic impacted the lives of everyone; globally. As a makeup artist and beauty expert Nydias’ livelihood was compromised immensely. As a direct result of the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, dozens of bridal clients were left without Nydia’s beauty amenities.  To sink or to swim was the mantra embedded in Nydia. Nydia chose to prevail. As the vast creative she is, Nydia constructed a plan. Nydia commenced the construction of teaching brides how to do their own makeup. As the beauty excerpt, she is Nydia taught brides to use beauty techniques to advance their beauty on their wedding day.

Teaching came organically being as though Nydia has taught her signature makeup techniques to hundreds of students all over the country. Nydia’s experience spans a broad scope of field within the makeup industry as an international educator in beauty. She conducted her e-beauty courses inside her award-winning luxury makeup studio & bridal suite in Cedar Grove, NJ. Nydia’s e-beauty courses became a virtual success as she became completely booked. Her clientele expanded by both brides and women seeking a trusted resource to teach them how to do their makeup. As well which essential products to utilize for their own beauty advancements.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Nydia Figueroa.

Nydia Figueroa with Stevie J

Tammy Reese: Define what beauty means to you?

Nydia Figueroa: Beauty to me means the way you make yourself and others feel. Beauty isn’t just what you look like on the outside but what you radiate from within! 

Tammy Reese: What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Nydia Figueroa: I enjoy making my clients feel beautiful and also being able to share my beauty expertise with people from all over the world. I know I can make an impact with my love of makeup!

Tammy Reese: How do you use your business/talent/brand to empower others?

Nydia Figueroa: I keep working, smashing my goals, and showing others that if a Latina girl from Newark can do it so can they! I also do a lot of philanthropy work and help others in my community by offering makeup services to the underprivileged and disabled youth. It’s so important to use our God-given gifts to give back.

Tammy Reese: What are some summer glam/makeup tips you would have for our readers?

Nydia Figueroa: Less is more! Focus on skincare and bb cream with a little glow. Let your skin breathe in these hot summer months. I love using a liquid lipstick as a cheek stain and eyeshadow for a wash of color in addition to putting it on your lips. The best part is that it stays on all day!

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