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LaDonna Marie, CEO of NonProfit Planting Positive Seeds Invests in the Development of Young Adults Globally

LaDonna Marie, CEO of NonProfit Planting Positive Seeds Invests in the Development of Young Adults Globally

LaDonna Marie is an International Multi-Award Winning Bestselling Author, Evangelist, Speaker, Mother of Two, and CEO of Nonprofit Planting Positive Seeds. Her purpose is to empower and encourage others to overcome obstacles in life. LaDonna Marie helps individuals transform their lives through personal development and implementing resiliency skills with her books and her nonprofit organization. Her motto is to empower, encourage, and motivate others to take action in their life and discover their champion inside. It’s a part of her mission to reach individuals worldwide and assist them to LEAP into their greatness.

In addition to her extraordinary and unprecedented impact upon the literary industry, she is also a
vibrant keynote and motivational speaker for several youth groups. LaDonna has a penchant for inspiring entrepreneurs, children, artists, writers and politicians, alike. LaDonna Marie’s last accomplishments in 2020 were selected as Top 30 influential women: Movers and Shakers in KISH Magazine and awarded Top 50 Women in Business by Black Women’s Expo.

In 2019 She was nominated as Faith-Based Speaker of the Year at Speaker Con and received a Mississippi Success Award. As an Author in 2018, she showcased her book at the Congressional Black Caucus and NAACP’s Authors Pavilion and Winner of International Author of the Year in London, UK. LaDonna Marie continues to impact globally and locally in her community with her nonprofit organization Planting Positive Seeds. In 2018 she had a Season to Cry Out Conference. In 2019 she hosted a Maximizing Your inner strength Retreat for girls ages 13-18. For more information, visit

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with LaDonna Marie.


Please tell us about Planting Positive Seeds and the global impact that has been made so far?

LaDonna Marie: Planting Positive Seeds is a Nonprofit organization that is invested in the development of our young adults and adults in the community and globally. To help to raise emotionally healthy citizens of our community and world. To organize workshops, mentoring, and conferences that will enrich the statue of living. Planting Positive Seeds Nonprofit organization empowers women and young girls through workshops, training, and outreach events.
I. Community and Global Outreach Projects
2. PPS Conference
3. Resilient Queens Mentoring
4. Scholarship Fund
5. Suicide Prevention and Awareness

One of the Planting Positive Seeds Non-Profit Initiatives is to provide self-care kits as one of the emotional health needs components for outreaches. We first kicked off the impact at the Teen Mentoring Retreat 2019, when local and out-of-town businesses donated in-kind items for the self-care kits for participants. Through monetary donations and partnerships, we donated to the Awake girls in Kenya Africa to help with toiletries and some uniforms. We have also donated self-care Love Bags to a local Nursing Home for Christmas 2020.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

LaDonna Marie: I enjoy helping to empower others to get unstuck and discover who they were born to be. I love to create an atmosphere of growth and awareness with my books and Nonprofits.

What have been some memorable moments in your career that you are most proud of?

LaDonna Marie: The first time, I had a person read a poem, and they said that it impacted their life. Writing and publishing Until Tomorrow Comes was the first book that won an international award in the Paris Book Festival and was read all over the world, it let me know that people were waiting on the growth and empowerment in the poems written in that book. Also, the book has 52 five-star reviews and 7 four-star reviews, it spoke volumes that every reader was able to resonate with lessons that were shared inside.

Also, my first TV interview for Red Letter TV, in 2015 to talk about Until Tomorrow Comes and Lessons Shattered Pieces Being Restored, it was the year I lost my job, but God kept making a way for miracles that year to happen. I learned how to trust God and use what I had in my hands to keep moving forward.

How do you balance being a mompreneur?

LaDonna Marie: I have learned how to find balance by keeping a good calendar and pacing myself. With my boys, I learned to always let my children know how important they are in my life. Also being present for my children when they are in programs or sports to show my support. To be able to incorporate downtime in my schedule in between projects, and to practice grace.

What are you currently working on?

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LaDonna Marie: Just released a new book The Journey/ The Path: The Way I See it. I am sharing the message of the book, the importance of healing and growth. I share stories that navigate through life’s hard times and overcoming obstacles.

When you think of women’s empowerment, what comes to mind?

LaDonna Marie: To help women to be the best version of themselves so that they can live to their fullest potential.

What do you want your legacy to look like?

LaDonna Marie: Legacy looks like leaving a literary and philanthropy impact of empowerment for years to come. That can transfer from generation to generation to build leaders that thrive and that impact others through changing the narrative of their life.

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