Chaundra Scott Is Taking The Literary World By Storm

Chaundra Scott is a native of Anne Arundel County, MD. Her professional background has roots in social work. For over 15 years, Chaundra has provided case management and community outreach services to children and families in Maryland. The birth of her daughter, Aubrey, sparked an interest in becoming a children’s book author. She wanted to share her family stories of self-empowerment and positive affirmations with children everywhere.

From there, Chaundra wrote her first book called Curls and Coils. Four other book titles followed soon after: Beautiful Shades, The All-Star, Sweet Dreams, and Reading Between the Lines.  She started her literature and lifestyle business called Curls and Coils Literary Solutions. She specializes in hosting literary events, writing services, writing programs, kid accessories, and much more.

With a dedicated passion for literacy, Chaundra also opened her own virtual, preschool learning center known as Beautiful Shades.  Her passion for reading and writing is unmatched. Author entrepreneur, Chaundra Scott, also is a freelance writer for several publications such: Sheen Magazine, Been Worthy Media, and more. Scott also founded a community program known as Little Curls and Coils to mentor girls through project-based learning.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Chaundra Scott.

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As a Mompreneur, Author, Media Professional, and Social Worker, what do you enjoy most about your work?

Chaundra Scott: I enjoy being a full-time entrepreneur.  I’m finally allowed to serve others and work on my own terms.  I no longer look forward to breaks from the workday due to being in an unhappy work environment.  I enjoy being able to create and inspire through my writing, teaching, and community outreach.  My passion is to always serve youth and families.  I’m able to express that through freelance writing, media relations, social work, self-publishing, and beyond.

What sparked your passion for literacy?

Chaundra Scott: My mother was an elementary school educator who instilled a love for reading.  I was the kid who loved to go to the media center in school and to our local library.  Books sparked my imagination since I was a shy kid.  Once I became a parent I learned firsthand about the correlation between literacy and academic achievement with my child.  While working in the school setting I also saw how early literacy deficiencies led to potential special education concerns.  I also saw this disparity among minority students.

So I’ve always advocated providing books for children to have in the home and to also encourage parents to read to their children starting from the womb.  Those little steps matter if practiced daily or at least 2-3 times a week, and they make a difference in the classroom.  Literacy is the basis for all academics.  How can you solve math word problems if you can’t read?  How can you grasp spelling and handwriting if you don’t understand the phonemic sounds of letters that build on blending letters into words?

When you first became a social worker what impact did you intend to make?

Chaundra Scott: I intended to serve youth and families in any way possible.  I love the family unit as a whole.  I also strived to provide my youth with needed resources, life skills, advocacy, and support to become self-sufficient adults.  Although I’m an introvert at heart, I still love working with youth and families.  If I can help anyone in any way, I always strive to do so.

Please tell us how the preschool learning center Beautiful Shades came about?

Chaundra Scott: I have a background in social work.  My years of professional experience have always been with youth and families.  But after being burned out in the child welfare system I decided to give education a try to continue working with youth and families.  While in the school setting I saw various disparities that didn’t sit well with me.  In Kindergarten, students are expected to achieve various benchmarks that are not often as attainable if it’s their first year in school or if they lack family engagement in their household.  So that prompted me to venture out independently to start the Beautiful Shades Learning Center.  I can cater to the preschool ages of 3-4 to help students and families with Kindergarten readiness while also focusing on culture, early literacy, and community.  The current services are a small group and one-on-one literacy tutoring; and virtual preschool classes for 2-3 days a week.

You’re extremely multi-talented with numerous businesses, How do you balance your career and self-care?

Chaundra Scott: I don’t balance.  I try my best to prioritize various tasks by deadlines, interests, and creativity.  Sometimes I may be up in the wee hours writing my own manuscripts while I ghostwrite others during normal work hours.  I’m working on setting more schedules to have systems in place though.  I also have assistance with my literary business, and my team members help to edit and outline manuscripts with me.  I definitely don’t operate alone.

What are you currently working on?

Chaundra Scott: I’m working on the children’s book release of my new chapter book:  Dara The Dreamer – The Double Dutch Queen.  This new easy reader, children’s chapter book will focus on a young girl who has to learn about overcoming her fears as she learns how to double dutch.  She enlists the help of her Mom, friends, and an unlikely friend to learn how to push past her fear.  It should be released in October 2021.  I’m also focusing on author services in the form of the Just Write Author Coaching; and the Beyond The Book Strategy Sessions.

When I became an author in 2015 there was so much that I didn’t know about self-publishing.  So now I inform my publishing clients of various aspects to prepare them.  The new author services will provide one on one services tailored to the author’s needs.  Such services will include bookstore consignment, retail distribution, book marketing plans, S.M.A.R.T. goal summaries, and more.  I’m also planning to host the Words with Wine Festival in October 2022 in Maryland.  October is National Book Month and this literary festival will host author vendors of all genres, live entertainment, wine tastings, activities, and pure fun for all to enjoy.

What do you want your professional legacy to be?

Chaundra Scott: I want my professional legacy to be ever-growing.  I’m always hungry to learn more to grow, thrive, and evolve.  My mind runs a mile a minute at times but I want my legacy to show that I never gave up and that I always persevered through uncertain obstacles.

Stay tuned for upcoming literary events in the DMV area such as the 2022 Words With Wine Festival. To stay connected please follow Chaunrda on Instagram and Clubhouse as @curls_coils; Facebook @CurlsCoilsMD; and Twitter @CurlsNCoilss for the latest blog entries, new books, and events.

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