Coach Tiffany: The Daycare Maven And Entrepreneur Elevating The Childcare Business

Being a maven is knowing you embody the strength to do the unthinkable, believe in the inevitable, and work the impossible. This is what made Coach Tiffany, also known as “The Daycare Maven”, so successful. Known social equity advocate, daycare provider, consultant, and coach, Coach Tiffany, Founder/Director of ABC Erie, provides 24-hour daycare services to more than 100 children per shift.

A niche in childcare, Coach Tiffany hosts workshops, training, and seminars to educate and train others on business problem solving, establishing boundaries, marketing strategies, and capital generating to create systems and cultures needed to run a well-established daycare. If you are in any business, you know learning to run it never stops and she ensures the ability to provide the empowerment for improvement.

I was able to catch up with this hard-working, boss-lady to discuss what lead to her continued success and what the pandemic taught her about business and personal care (which can be daunting to make time for at times as a business owner. If you are in childcare or aspire to enter into that field, you are not going to want to miss what she has to say.

Dr. G: Your background is so inspiring, and you wear a few different hats. Who is Tiffany outside of the successful businesses you have?

Coach Tiffany: I am a true friend, loving wife, daughter, and a person that is committed to fully living life. I am your sister-friend kind of lady.

Dr. G.: “The Day Care Maven.” What inspired you to go into the Daycare business?

Coach Tiffany: I had a family member that needed daycare services. I had just left my government job in pursuit of an entrepreneurial opportunity. That opportunity failed. So, while dealing with a failed business venture, I had free time, so I said yes. My yes led me to say yes again to a homeless woman. I provided childcare services for her during a job interview. She got the job and was able to move into an apartment. Seeing how impactful my services were led me to say yes to my community. To see just how important having trusted daycare services inspired me to fully commit to opening my first daycare facility.

Dr. G.: As an entrepreneur providing services for children, what challenges do you face and how do you resolve them?

Coach Tiffany: There so many challenges I’ve faced over the years. I had to grow up really quickly. Just to think I have been in full-time business for just five years. I grew my business by 2000% percent in just three years. I’ve had people try to sabotage my success, steal, and not support me the way I thought. I handled that by embracing the love I received from the community. It showed me support will show up when I need it and not worry about things I can’t control. Scaling my business without a lot of debt and employing a great staff are a couple more challenges I’ve faced. I resolved the first by receiving grant funding. I resolved the second by holding regular interview events. It helps me stay connected with qualified options and keeps me ahead of the curve.

Dr. G.: Did the pandemic have an effect on your childcare business or were you able to pivot and still provide services in other ways? And if you pivoted, how so?

Coach Tiffany: The pandemic really affected me personally. I had Covid. I had to completely quarantine and work remotely. Thankfully I had already taken steps to have a solid team in place. With me having to pause to take care of myself, it gave me space for creativity and rest. I was able to review and improve our processes and procedures. This pandemic really led to us taking our sanitizing practices to the next level. We installed sanitation stations in all classrooms, and we strictly enforce our improved hygiene policies.

Dr. G.: What did you personally learn about yourself during the pandemic that made you a stronger advocate for other entrepreneurs?

 Coach Tiffany: The pandemic definitely made more aware of the national needs of daycare providers. So many facilities closed. Our attendance decreased, but we were able to remain open, hire new staff, and increase our sanitation stations. All of this was made possible through the grant funding we received. I am a firm believer in receiving all of the free funds you can. It takes the pressure off of your shoulders and helps you keep focused on running a successful business. I offer my grant writing services because I know how the funds have helped me. Again, I had Covid. My staff was amazing throughout my recovery. Knowing bills were paid and my team was in place really showed me I had my stuff in order. It didn’t happen automatically. I had to take the time to implement lots of back-office strategies.

Dr. G.: What are some other projects you’re currently working on or involved in?

Coach Tiffany: I have several digital tools and resources coming out that will definitely help daycare bosses get organized and remain in compliance with their state requirements. I’m also planning some upcoming business events. I will be hosting a summit and several intimate learning opportunities for daycare owners.

Dr. G.: How can people connect and keep up with everything you have going on?

Coach Tiffany: You can connect with me at my website

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