Who We Aren’t: The Things We Wished Our Parents or Caretakers Knew

As teens, we are labeled as so many things, especially generation Z. We are called the lazy generation and the stupid generation, to put it nicely, because some of us ate tide pods and smelt sharpies, but we are so much more. We are the generation that is not afraid to speak our minds and stand up for what is right. And yes, I know we are all wrapped up in the digital world, but that is how we communicate with our peers.

We start movements that can make a worldwide change. We are the future, so stop tearing us down and labeling us because we can put some of y’all in retirement homes (my tiny petty moment). If it were not for teens making memes, some celebrities would not be as famous. We want to be heard. Doing dumb things is our way of connecting and crying out for help at the same time. You might be asking why we are crying out for help; because we are lost. You are letting us walk into this world unprepared and we do not know how to do much of anything.

Doing our chores, getting good grades, and following YOUR rules are not all we need to learn or do to be prepared for the world. There is so much more to being an adult than just cleaning our rooms and washing dishes. Some of us would like to learn how to file taxes, manage money properly, get into stocks/trading portfolios, car/life insurance, manage emotions, and succeed in life. Some older adults say, “you have the internet to help you.” Like umm, oooookayyyyy! So, it is mandatory to keep clothes on our backs, food on the table, and a roof over our heads, and whatever else, but optional for parents to teach essential life skills that we will have to learn on our own? We do not want to be thrown into the world feeling unprepared. Maybe you all were just thrown into the world to figure it out yourself but do something different with us.

I want to know these things, but at the same time, I want to be a teen. Teach us these things gradually and not all at once since it is important for adulthood. I might be coming off as angry and that is because we are tired of trying to figure it out so damn soon (sorry mom). Like wait, give us a minute to live and understand life. The truth is, I am scared of what it really means to be an adult. I want to be successful and I want to have it all figured out, but I also want to have the time to just be.

Sometimes just ask things about us without the long lecture. Allow us to be teens and make mistakes without it being the end of the world. We get upset just like you all get upset. So, teach us how to cope when we do get upset. The world is different and so are we, so stop comparing us to your generation or the generations before us. Help us, guide us, and lead us without being so authoritarian all the time.

So, the question is, do you hear us now?

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