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Entrepreneur With Passion Kristina Peck Helps Women In Business Thrive Through Business Marketing Services

Entrepreneur With Passion Kristina Peck Helps Women In Business Thrive Through Business Marketing Services

Kristina Peck, CEO of KP Business Marketing’s recent success is largely due to her engaging approach towards digital marketing for women in business. She started her entrepreneurial passion with Avon and the Pretty Women Hustle Network, and now she has blossomed into her own brand. Aside from being an entrepreneur, she is also balancing married life and parenting to maintain her business during the pandemic.

Kristina is a 26-year-old Mother, Wife, Author, Nurse, CEO, she does it all! She is an Upstate New York native and spent her years working as a Nurse in the Syracuse area. In mid-2016 Kristina got a feel for boss life with Avon.  She quickly rose to National Leadership status and now mentors 70+ female representatives with Avon. Kristina is very ambitious and always searches to learn more.  Her ambitions led her to the network known as Pretty Women Hustle in June of 2020.  Kristina’s dedication led her to be appointed as the Executive Director of the Pretty Women Hustle Network in July of 2020.

She found her love for Marketing and Social Media Management while working for Pretty Women Hustle. While there she had taken on several Marketing clients through Pretty Women Hustle.  She decided to take a leap and launch her own business.  In late 2020 Kristina blossomed her entrepreneurial gifts into her new brand of KP Marketing.

She continues her role as Executive Director with Pretty Women Hustle where her work is centered around marketing for the company.  Kristina currently resides in Concord, NC with her husband and son.  She is continuing to reach for the stars and to live without limits.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Kristina.


Tammy Reese: What is it about business marketing that has drawn you into the industry?

Kristina Peck:  I think what draws me in so much is the opportunity to be creative. Every client has different marketing or branding needs. No two clients are ever the same which really allows me to think outside of the box and create unique marketing campaigns and brands.

Tammy Reese: Please tell us about your business and what sets it apart from other marketing agencies?

Kristina Peck: KP Business Marketing was established in November of 2020. KPBM is an award-winning small business that specializes in Digital Marketing and Branding. At KPBM we challenge our clients to step outside the box to allow us to build impactful marketing campaigns along with bold brands that go against the status quo.

Tammy Reese: Congratulations on receiving the 2021 Alignable’s Local Businessperson of the Year Award. What was that like?

Kristina Peck: Thank You! It was a whirlwind of an experience. I started my business in the middle of a Pandemic with no formal Marketing education, I really had no idea how this would pan out, but I did know if I worked hard, I had the potential to inspire so many business owners and create a successful business. It was truly bittersweet to be announced Local Businessperson of the year and has only pushed me to strive for excellence even more.

Tammy Reese: What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

Kristina Peck: I get to set my own hours. I can spend time with family and not have to worry about missing out on events because I can’t find somebody to cover my shift.

Tammy Reese: In what ways do you use your platform to empower others?

Kristina Peck:  I use my story and stay true to myself. I’ve had a long road of mental health battles, I completely switched my career in a year. I share my low points and high points. I don’t try to glamorize my life. I stick to being relatable.

Tammy Reese: What are some other endeavors you’re currently involved in?

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Kristina Peck:  I am currently working on my Autobiography and a Cookbook-hopefully both will be published by next year!

I’m a newly appointed Soro with Chi Gamma XI Chi-  a non-collegiate social sorority for women with a dedicated purpose of learning, socializing, and contributing charity to the local community.

I’m so excited about this opportunity. Greek life is super new to me and I can’t wait to form lifelong bonds with my sisters while giving back to our community.

Tammy Reese: What are you looking forward to?

Kristina Peck:  Honestly, I’m looking forward to all the time I get to spend with my family. My family is the biggest reason why I push my business so hard day in and day out.

Tammy Reese: What else would you like our readers to know about the work that you do?

Kristina Peck:  It’s not as easy as it looks! From the outside looking in, I feel like my job can be viewed as easy. BUT I put in a lot of hours and invest in a lot of training to continue perfecting my craft.

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