Entrepreneur and Glam Talk Podcast Host Kandi Empowers Others To Turn Their Mess Into Their Message

Entrepreneur Kandice Standifer, affectionately known by many as Kandi was born in Dade City Florida, and grew up in Newark, New Jersey where she attended the Newark, New Jersey Public School System. From a very young age, she has always had a passion for doing hair which she pursued her dream by enrolling at the Concourse Cosmetology School where she graduated and became a cosmetologist. Putting that cosmetology degree to great use, she became the owner of SD Glam, a business that specializes in and promotes healthy hair, loc maintenance, and loc extensions.

Kandi is the mother of three daughters and the GiGi to one granddaughter. She considers herself an outgoing person who is compassionate, feisty at times, and has a heart of gold. Kandi knows and understands that life can have its ups and downs but nevertheless you have to be strong and trust God for the breakthrough. She credits her mom as well as her grandmother for the positive guidance that they taught and showed her by example. She has always had family support in all the things she has experienced.

Kandi is also the Host of The Glam Talk Podcast where your mess becomes a message and your test becomes a testimony. The no-judgment zone podcast makes you feel good about yourself even if you’ve been broken or your self-esteem is low. The podcast is available on YouTube and Anchor. Topics range from beauty, fashion, self-love, teen pregnancy, mental health, domestic violence, and more.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Kandi.

Kandi (Entrepreneur & Host of Glam Talk Podcast) Photo Credit: @LifestyleImagesatl


Tammy: How would you describe your style in three words?

Kandi: Fashionable, illustrated, and demonstration.

Tammy: You’re the Host of Glam Talk Podcast, how did the podcast come about

Kandi: I was overcoming my fears to talk about my domestic violence relationship, which I’d experienced for about nine, and a half years. I wanted my mess to become a message to people. My experience was traumatic, it was a tragedy, I went through a lot, but I’m still here.

I’m a survivor and able to say that I survived the situation and not a lot of people survived the situation. Some people end up in jail, some people end up dead. Just the thought of knowing that allowed me to be here and what worked for me might help somebody.

I needed to tell my story, I needed to let people know what I’ve been through to let them know that there’s help out here. Talk about it, it’s not your fault. Being in a domestic violence relationship, you sometimes blame yourself or you sometimes feel like you don’t want to tell anybody about the things that you’re going through because you’re afraid people are going to judge you. So I got over my fears and began to talk about it.

Tammy: What impact do you intend to make with the podcast as you go forward

Kandi: I want to speak to the souls of people about my experience. About the things I’ve gone through, how they can overcome things as well.

Tammy: I love that you call the Podcast “Glam Talk”, what are some of your must-have glam items?

Kandi: In my purse, I must have my SD Glam Misty Pink Lip Gloss, but if I could carry my love and peace in a container with me everywhere I go, I probably would do so.

Tammy: Please tell us more about your SD Glam line?

Kandi: SD Glam has been around for maybe about five years, in the beginning, I procrastinated a little bit, but I’m working on something right now as we speak. In the beginning, I just didn’t do what I should have done because I lost focus and now I’m at a place and a space in my life where things are different, so I’m going to pick up where I left off and finish my SD Glam lipgloss.

Tammy: When you think of women empowerment, what comes to mind?

Kandi: When I think of women empowerment, I think of being able to be a boss. I feel like you can’t be a woman of empowerment or be a boss period if you’re not empowering the people around you to be better, to be stronger than what they are, and to hold the position or to be something that they want to be but they don’t have that person to guide them or lead them along the way.

Women empowerment is very important because we as women need that go-to person or that someone in our life that’s going to step on them and push them forward. So when I think of women empowerment, I just think of pushing forward and someone being there to elevate the minds of others and just keeping them focused.

Tammy: As an advocate and survivor, what else would you like to say to our readers in regards to domestic violence?

Kandi: In a domestic violence relationship they’ll hit you once and then they’ll say I’ll never do it again. And guess what? They put you back in that honeymoon state. When I say honeymoon state, it doesn’t mean that you’re married, it means they will take you back to the time when they first won you over. They will try to make you feel good, or buy you a bag, or buy you roses.

Then we realize it’s not about materialistic things because if X, Y, Z is happening because domestic violence is not the answer. I was a little embarrassed to talk about it at first, I was like, well, people are going to judge me. Once I overcame that, it was like, OK, I need to be I need to help somebody.

Tammy: Is there anything else that you want our readers to know about what you have in the works?

Kandi: Yes, as you’re interviewing me now I’m actually in the front of my salon that I’m working on in Atlanta. When I first came to Atlanta, I worked for different people. Slowly but surely I was patient and I waited on God and now I have my own space. I’m working on my salon space is going to be up and running by mid-June, early July. I’m taking my time and I’m doing what I want. I’m not opening in two weeks because I can. I’m opening when I feel like I’m at that point.

Tammy: Do you have any spring glam tips for us?

Kandi: My only spring glam tip that I’m going to say is the process of elevation is to eliminate. So keep elevating, but you always got to remember to eliminate what’s not good and what’s toxic.

Tammy: What advice would you have during these unprecedented times for women who want to be a business owner or aspire to be a podcast host?

Kandi: Never give up! Believe that anything that you put your heart and your mind to is possible. You have to remember through Christ that strengthens you, you can do anything. You’ve got to also understand and know if somebody is telling you that you can’t, that means you can. So just stay focused, continue to reach your dreams and your goals. Work hard because nobody’s going to work hard for you unless you work hard for yourself.


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