WE Welcomes Morgen Peters: Creator of Writers Block

What a way to celebrate young women and empowerment! WE Magazine welcomes Morgen Peters, 14 year old teen journalist and creator of @writersblock4teens Morgen makes her debut on WE with her new teen column “Writers Block” Check out today’s post

About Morgen Peters

Morgen Adrianna Peters, is a 14 year old entrepreneur, founder and owner of Writer’s Block LLC and is the visionary of M.A.P productions. Morgen has always had a passion for writing. It was not until someone expressed to her that she was incredibly talented, that she realized she really loved writing and could make it a career. Morgen is an outgoing, bubbly, creative young leader. Because of ability to connect with people, she was the first 6th grader ever nominated for class president and won. Morgen has been nominated for class president three years in a row and has won every time. During her presidency, she founded a writing club at her school and has hosted a great amount of the school events in conjunction with AVID counsel. Morgen loves being with her family, especially her mom. She says her and her mom share a special bond not many teenagers have with their parents. Morgen is very active in her community. Her activities include volunteer projects, social clubs, and participating in other extracurricular activities. Morgen is a member of the Charmettes Club of Orlando and wishes to one day pledge Alpha Kappa Alpha. Morgen aspires to be as influential as Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison. Morgen shares writing is an escape from everyday reality. Morgen has several mentors in her life who help to keep her grounded and motivated. When she writes, it’s a reflection of her heart and everything she writes has meaning to it. Morgen’s dream is to be the youngest black women reporter for CNN. She would like to someday get the opportunity to work with Anderson Cooper. Morgen is truly one of a kind.

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