Ta’Rheeyn L. Green: The 14-Year Old Entrepreneur Inspiring Girls To Love the Skyn They Are In

Ta’Rheeyn Green is not your typical teenager. She is also not your typical entrepreneur. This 14-years-old founder of the Skynbrace Company has chosen to be an advocate and voice for young girls by teaching self-love through creative and artistic characters.

It is Women’s History Month, and what better way to acknowledge this month than to recognize a young lady promoting others to have healthy self-esteem and promote cultural diversity within the black and brown community.

When asked what inspired the creation of Skynbrace, Ta’Rheeyn Green said it started when she was in fifth (5th) grade. She drew her first character, Flower, who was a representation of her. In creating her, she realized that girls who were her complexion and darker weren’t getting the same attention as those that were lighter, and if they were getting the attention, it wasn’t the nice kind. Ta’Rheeyn Green quickly came to understand the detriment of colorism to the self-worth of young girls, and there was no way she could stand by and not do anything about it.

While self-esteem was instilled in her by her mother and family, she realized it was not that way for other girls. So, when she saw other young girls being mistreated because of how they looked, she found herself comforting them and celebrating their beauty…no matter their skin complexion. After creating her first character, she used her interactions with others and began to draw other characters and gave each one a story.

These stories are not only relatable; they offer encouragement, hope, and support. Some of the characters are from different parts of the world, and some have certain physical conditions and ailments. Ta’Rheeyn Green is determined to spark conversations about cultural and physical challenges faced by young girls. She is also determined to inspire and promote diversity by celebrating all girls no matter the color of their “skyn.”

So, what is next for this young entrepreneur? Seeing some of the social and economic injustices taking place in this world, Ta’Rheeyn Green has been developing characters that speak to that, too. She is also looking forward to upcoming partnerships that will help her promote Skynbrace. You can tell there are many great things in store for this young business owner, including giving back to the community. And this is why Ta’Rheeyn Green is making HERstoric marks in this world.

Stay in the know and show your support to this young lady. After all, our youth is our future!

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