Tammy Reese: A Visionary For Every Mind

When it comes to media, there are the movers, there are shakers, and then there is Tammy Reese, a visionary, who is an Award-Winning Actress, Writer, and Journalist. But Tammy is not just any kind of visionary. Having produced, written, and directed many short films, television series, and commercials, Tammy is the truest definition of a multimedia creative who loves everything theater, entertainment, media, and film.

The Founder & Lead Publicist of Visionary Minds Public Relations and Media, Tammy Reese is also an Editorial Writer for We Empower Magazine & Hustle and Soul Magazine, and a Contributing Writer for Vocal Media and Medium.Com. Currently, Tammy serves on the Communications Committee for New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT), a member of the US Press Corp, a member of the Syracuse Press Club, and the Chair of the Syracuse NAACP Public Relations Committee.

It is Women’s History Month and today, Tammy Reese, WE honor you for all of your contributions to media and to the community. You are such a dynamic woman who ceases to dream and manifest those dreams into big, bold, beautiful works of art.

You have hosted many events, been a part of many film premieres, and interviewed a variety of celebrities & influencers, and today we roll out the red carpet for you. Your legacy and mark on this world should be recognized and celebrated.

Dr. G: What was your upbringing and who your influences were.

 Tammy: I always thought of myself as a Scorpio Goddess who is so open-minded and has a diverse taste of everything including music, and movies. I am so in love with the horror genre, and I love all types of music. Rock, Hip Hop, R &B, and Old School. It is rare for someone who grew up in the hood on the Southside of Syracuse where the RICO law came and took down the neighborhood gang where I grew up.

I grew up in a middle-class family. One of the few kids whose parents were married and owned their home. I say that not to brag, but to give a sense of my upbringing. I am the product of an Army Vet (my dad), and a Civil Rights Activist (my mom), I am the youngest of two older siblings. At age 12, I joined a company called The Media Unit TV and Stage Production Company where I got to perform 60 live stage shows a year and host and direct a live tv show out of our public access tv station. I was with the Media Unit for 8 years after that I went to College to study Media. My influences are my parents. They always encouraged and believed that I could be in the entertainment and media industry.

Dr. G: Your entrepreneurial journey has been a trajectory of many genres of entertainment. From being an actress, writer, and journalist to being a Publicist, in which you are the Founder of Visionary Minds Public Relations and Media. I have to know, what or who inspired you to flow from one genre of entertainment to another?

Tammy: This may sound like the likely answer that so many say, but it’s true, Oprah inspired me. She’s a boss, host, producer, actress, and more. I truly believe if she could wear many hats, so can I. So, can anyone else for that matter. I am blessed to have many talents that I truly love. Some of my talents I lay to the side and pick back up when time permits. Before the pandemic, I did a lot of videography for events and produced short films and commercials in Upstate NY. During the pandemic, my camera collected dust and I shifted my focus to my Journalism and Public Relations work. I know some people don’t want to do it all. Some don’t have the time to do it all. That’s ok to focus on one or two things at a time. For me, I knew having these various skills was going to allow me to be well connected and understand the industry that I am in more.

Dr. G: As a journalist who knows the importance of awareness, what inspired you to create social awareness videos on bullying, racism, domestic violence, suicide prevention, and sexual assault?

Tammy: During my days with the Media Unit, our stage and tv shows were always on topics of social awareness. By the time I got to college, I knew that I eventually wanted to create some of my own work on social issues too. The Domestic Violence PSA Live To Tell I wanted to show the different angles and decisions made by these toxic situations. Women stay when a man changes, a woman leaves when the man doesn’t change. Also in the video, we touch on how men get abused as well. It was one of the first projects I wrote and produced. I also make a cameo appearance. Some many social awareness topics are so important to me. I love to spread awareness on social issues through the arts so that it doesn’t come off preachy, but is entertaining, inspiring, and educational at the same time. One of my favorite projects that I wrote was called Hear My Call. I won a writing award for this piece on Suicide Prevention. As someone who deals with anxiety and depression, it was a passion project for me. I want people to know that they are not alone. It is ok to talk about mental health without feeling embarrassed and there are resources to seek help, cope and overcome.

As a mother with a kid in school, I had to write and co-produce a bullying PSA. Lastly, I’ll share another short piece I wrote, co-produced, and co-directed on the topic of HIV awareness. I am close with many people who are living with and this is a topic that is dear to my heart and needs to be spoken on more.

Dr. G: Of all of the things you do, what sparks your passion the most?

Tammy: Not this question! {laughing}. I say that with love. It’s the hardest question to ever answer.

Dr. G: And that is precisely why I asked! {Laughing} People like us love what we do, but I want to know which one sparks the highest for you?

Tammy: Those who know me, know that I love everything I do.  A lot of people are getting to know me now as a media personality and admire me for my influencer and celebrity interviews. Or covering industry events such as the Tribeca Film Festival or the Sundance Film Festival.

I believe I was put here on earth to first be a mother and daughter and then a storyteller. If that is through public relations, filmmaking, media, or acting I am so here for it. However, to answer your question my first love was the stage (acting), My full passion is journalism.

Dr. G: What is next for the magnificent, Tammy Reese?

Tammy: I miss acting and filmmaking so much. I recently was in a virtual play doing the Lena Younger role for Raisin In The Sun. That reminded me of how I fell in love with acting in the first place. I want to get back into filmmaking to tell so many stories about women of color that are ignored, scared to be touched, and need to be told. In the meantime,

I will continue to build my client’s visual portfolios through my company Visionary Minds Public Relations and Media, while continuing to provide the world with some of the dopest interviews I am blessed to obtain for the various media outlets that I contribute to.

Dr. G: WE look forward to seeing you flourish in everything you do. Connect with Tammy Reese at:

IG: @tammyreese1111 and @visionarymindsny


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