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Plugstar Entertainment: The Plug Giving Light To Media

Plugstar Entertainment: The Plug Giving Light To Media

If you are a musician, actor, author, inventor, or influencer, nine times out of ten, you have, had, or need a publicist to shed light on the work you are creating. Getting recognition is about connection. And let’s face it, the reality of this needed connection is about knowing how to “plug” into several forms of media outlets to not only gain a presence in this world but also increase your profit. Shining that light is what makes Michelle Mackel, Founder, and CEO of Plugstar Entertainment, a rare gem.

Plugstar Entertainment, a public relations (PR) company, shines a light on their clients by  “plugging” them into media opportunities like interviews, magazine features, television appearances, modeling contests, social media campaigns, red carpet and other public appearances, podcasts, and radio. They also coach their clients on developing a business and marketing plan that includes identifying a niche for their brand(s), trademarking it if necessary, and making themselves both marketable and financially successful. Their clients are the light at the end of their plug.

Michelle Mackel ensured the foundation of her company focused on business education, as well as media. This uniqueness is why she is a woman making history. Today, we recognize this busy, remarkable businesswoman and her company by getting to know a little about her.

Dr. G.: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I know PR keeps you extremely busy so I am going to jump right in. What was the inspiration behind creating Plugstar Entertainment?

Michelle: The growth in popularity of YouTube and other streaming platforms has made admission into the entertainment industry possible for those outside of media hubs like Los Angeles. However, jumping in without guidance sets hopefuls up for failure. Plugstar Entertainment was inspired by that need. The company, which is based in Oklahoma City, OK, differentiates itself from other public relations firms with its focus on educating clients about the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.

Our goal is to make sure that they know who the power players are, how to develop and promote their talent, and what pitfalls to avoid. Additionally, we coach clients on brand and business plan development, which sets them up to become both marketable and financially sound.

Dr. G.: It is Womens HERstory Month, and your company is a female-owned and operating business. As a minority business owner, why is representation in what you do (highlighting your clients) so important for representation?

Michelle: This month, were celebrating Womens History, acknowledging the contributions and experience of being female in todays world. As a business owner, everything that I do is colored by my unique background as a female military veteran, a former concert promoter & manager, a philanthropist, a working mother, and an educated person who values sharing what I know.

Plugstar represents a wide variety of authors, actors, models, music artists, and more from various ethnic and racial backgrounds. However, Im especially proud to lift up fellow women and other minorities and partner in their success, especially in this time when more doors are opening.

Dr. G.: As a double minority business owner, what have you learned most about business?

Michelle: A lot of things have changed in our society, but some not fast enough. In our efforts to call for equality, equity has not yet been achieved. As both a woman and a person of color, I have found the need to work harder to position myself and my company as an authority in the industry. However, the benefit of those efforts is that Im able to share what Ive learned with clients and provide a hand up to those just starting to reach for their dreams.

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Dr. G.: What do you consider struggles in what you do?

Michelle: One of the biggest struggles that Plugstar has faced was the recent pandemic, which effectively placed the entertainment business on hold. During the months when our clients didnt have appearances to promote, we encouraged them to maintain their social media, build awareness of their brand, and remain creative. Simultaneously, the company did likewise by pivoting to build its online presence and establish numerous, key business partnerships.

Dr. G.: How do you see Plugstar evolving in the next three years?

Michelle: As the entertainment industry continues to evolve and redefine itself, so too will Plugstar in order to better position our clients for the best opportunities and media exposure. The growing list of affiliates that weve developed over the past year is a prime example of this. In the immediate future, our current efforts to obtain radio play for our artists on music channels and placement for other clients on interview shows, streaming channels, and public appearances will be key as pandemic restrictions lift. Our clients will be ready to play a pivotal role in jumpstarting the industry.

Dr. G.: As your motto goes, “Don’t undergo your journey alone. Plug into Plugstar and put our team behind your success.” How can people plug in your company?

Michelle: To connect with the Plugstar team, visit or email

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