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Karma The Artist Is Giving Good Karma to the Music Industry

Karma The Artist Is Giving Good Karma to the Music Industry

Every action has a reaction and it often based on the work we do and the actions we take. This is what makes Karma the Artist so special. Based in Los Angeles, this singer and songwriter whose name embodies her light, energy, and vibe, is turning the music industry upside down by making music that transcends beyond your ears and into your heart. From songs like Before It’s OverPatient, Say Yes, and Not Okay feat. H.E.R. to her current hit The Birthday Song (Remix), it is clear that Karma The Artist is delivering nothing short of melodic goodness.

Having the opportunity to catch up with this vibrant musical artist, I was able to get to know a little about her inspirations and what is next for her.

Dr. G.: What was your introduction to music and what made you say, “this is what I want to do”?

Karma The Artist: My introduction to music was the radio. It was all I ever wanted to listen to or be near and I would study everything that came out of it like it was a religion. The moment I said “this is what I want to do” was when I got my first toy mic and sang for my family on Xmas. I imagined myself on stage making even more people happy and so I worked hard until that happened!

Dr. G.: A degree in sound engineering and post-production, what did you hope to accomplish for yourself, or at that time was it to produce for others?

Karma The Artist: I got a degree in sound engineering and post-production so that I could possess the same knowledge and ear as the people I worked in the studio with. I like many new artists back then, had a hard time articulating what I wanted my mixes to sound like. Going to school gave me the edge and tools I needed which I then later used to intern for major studios and then eventually start and run my own, Treble Girl Studios, and record and mentor others specifically underserved women in the industry who needed a safe haven and space the same.

Dr. G.: You have had quite an interesting music journey thus far. You have worked with some of the most incredible artists. From Marques Houston to Chris Brown and legendary artists like The Isley Brothers and Maze and Frankie Beverly.  What influence have they been to you and what have you learned most from them?

Karma The Artist: Well, I have had the pleasure to share the stage with many amazing people to date. Whether singing lead or backup, the experience resonated the same seeing the people I admired and looked up to so close in proximity that it made it a tangible reality for me as well. I learned how to own every moment and create a real experience in every single show. It was also during my time opening up for Maze and Frankie Beverly that I decided to quit my job and do this full-time. I haven’t looked back since except to be grateful for the push and inspiration.


Dr. G.: Let’s talk about your latest hit, The Birthday Song (Remix). What inspired the original and what influenced you to do a remix of the original song?

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Karma The Artist: I was inspired to remix the original Birthday Song by my brother and A&R Jon “The Cobra Crosby;” as well as my producer David Je who helped me to shape and produce my first official EP project. I had been looking for the right production to elevate the tone I set on the first track, which I both took on tour while opening for Joyner Lucas and is my highest streamed song to date, and felt he was just the right match. I knew that my growth as a vocalist combined with his skill set and belief in my sound would create the magic that you knew as the remix.

Dr. G.: What is next for you and how can people connect?

Karma The Artist:

I have a lot coming up next including new visuals to follow the last music video, a follow-up single, my EP project, and touring/traveling. After being in Quarantine and travel restrictions this little introverted butterfly has her heart set on overseas work. I also have a few acting roles coming up, creative collaborations, and the official public launch of my nonprofit Find Your Karma Org. All that along with the recent virtual relaunch of my umbrella Treble Girl Ent. On the Clubhouse App, I should leave my fans old and new with enough to chew on while I work on my cooking series coming soon! #SnackQueen


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