It’s The Non-Controlled Environment For Me!

This pandemic sucks….. Were we ready to be on your own so soon? Teens should have gotten used to being homeschooled by now. But for some reason, we are not able to get adjusted to being on our own schedule. Why is that? For some teens, it is easier to focus at home. This is because they are self-motivated, self-disciplined, and know how to set boundaries and stick to them. But for the rest of us, including me, it’s really hard. When we were going to school face to face, there were people constantly telling us what to do and watching us complete our work. Now, that there is no one there to tell us to get off our phones or when to do our work, and we slowly get behind. In my opinion, I’d say they let us go, on our own, too soon. We went from a controlled environment to now feeling like no one is watching. This allowed us the freedom to do what we wanted. Which as I’ve come to discover, is most definitely not the case. I feel schools left us to figure it out on our own. In a way, I guess it was a way to help us adapt and prepare for the future, but it also threw many of us completely off track.

Why does not being in a controlled environment affect us so much? Generation Z is very distracted by social media which makes not being in a controlled environment more detrimental to our future. Parents can try to take our phones, but it still will not solve our problems, because we have our laptops. (All shade to our parents) Another reason this is negatively affecting our future is because the majority of students use Google and Quizlet to cheat their way to a faster and better score. By cheating, it is only hurting our future because we do not know the material, in order to pass our classes. As a whole, we are only looking for a temporary solution to something that can permanently affect our entire life. When will we get the message, we are only hurting ourselves by being lazy, irresponsible, and cheating? There is no one to stop us because no teachers are standing over our shoulders. So, we need to find that one thing that helps us stay on track.

As this school year slowly comes to an end, we all should ask ourselves, did we learn anything this year or did we just do the bare minimum to pass the class? How can we stay on track without cheating our way to a good grade or by asking for second, third, and fourth chances? I want you to really think about that. Ask yourself, am I on track to preparing myself to be a responsible young adult? If you answered “NO”, think about what you need to do so you can change that.

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