Dr. Ashley Little: A Not So Little Entrepreneur with Big Visions

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone and for those who choose to do it know it can be challenging. These challenges are what make Dr. Ashley Little the exception, as she is the epitome of what owning and operating a successful business should look like. But wait…not just one, but several successful businesses. Six to be exact!! This is what has made Dr. Ashley Little an award-winning serial entrepreneur.

Dr. Ashley Little is the CEO and Founder of Ashley Little Enterprises, CEO and Founder of Little Publishing, Host and Executive Producer of Creating Your Seat At The Table Show, CEO and Founder; as well as Editor-In-Chief of Creating Your Seat At The Table International Magazine,  CEO, Founder, and Visionary Author of The HBCU Experience Movement (the first black-owned publishing company to publish Prominent HBCU Alumni Stories throughout the world), and Founder and Owner of T.A.L.K Radio & TV Network. She is also a Media Journalist and 12X Best-Selling Author.

Despite all she has going on, Dr. Ashley Little not only believes in giving back to her community but making a way for her to do so with a bigger impact. Dr. Ashley Little is the Co-Founders of Sweetheart Scholars, a Non-profit Organization 501 (C-3) she created with three other dynamic, community-driven women. The nonprofit provides annual scholarships to African American Females from her hometown of Wadesboro, North Carolina who are attending college. These scholarships are provided to help with their college expenses (which Dr. Little is no stranger to knowing and understands the financial hardship that can come with educational demands).

Dr. Ashley Little believes it takes a village to raise a child and to never forget where you come from. She is also a strong advocate for uplifting, empowering, and setting an example of excellence for young women. She believes our young ladies need vision, direction, and strong mentorship as they grow and develop into their careers, which also ties back to her passion for “Creating Your Seat At The Table.” The power of reaching back and pulling forward creates a chain reaction for success and positive sisterhood. It is vital for our young African-American females to understand the power of creating and building their own tables to give way for others to join them.

You have to take and manifest what you want in life and that is what Dr. Ashley Little is doing. She learned early on that nothing is going to be given to you and you have to not just do the work but serve others in the process. This is what creates legacy and it is a legacy Dr. Ashley Little is consistently building.

She is a woman to be celebrated!

Connect with Dr. Ashley Little at:

Website: www.ashleylittleenterprises.com


Facebook: Dr. Ashley Little

LinkedIn: Dr. Ashley Little

Clubhouse @drashleylittle

Email Address: info@ashleyalittle and aalittle08@gmail.com

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