I can’t forget my history, it’s her story! (Black Parade) Whew, Beyonce! She understands the importance of making music relevant to the times. But we’re not here to talk about the lyrics of Black Parade. We’re here to talk about how Black Parade was a mere catalyst for the herstory made at the Grammys. She is the most decorated, Grammy Award-winning artist of all time. I’ll say that again. Of all time. This means in the category of male and female artists. Notice I said ‘and’. Let’s pause for a moment and honor this win.

When I think of this win, I think of my favorite quote by an unknown person (sorry) and it says, “don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon”. Beyonce grew up honoring Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to get years down the line and surpass them. If this doesn’t look like surpassing the sky that you see daily, I don’t know what to tell you. 

Many times as women we feel intimidated. We think that we can succeed as long as we stay in a certain parameter. But we don’t have to. Let this year be a year to remind you to break every limit off of your grind, your mindset, your hope, your love. Stop suffocating yourself by putting a lid on top of the fire. You too have a story to tell. It’s your story. It’s the herstory that the world needs. Beyonce is the first but are we truly going to allow her to be the last?

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