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Author Terry Billy Set To Release New Novella, My Club Q Journey of Love

Author Terry Billy Set To Release New Novella, My Club Q Journey of Love

New author Terry Billy set to release her new novella, My Club Q Journey of Love later this month. Terry’s novella shares her quarantine experiences that included her love for D-Nice and his Club Quarantine live IG series. Her Club Q Journey caused her to reflect on her fond moments of family, grief, and loss, her music career, her love for the art of music, and more.

Terry’s novella will be available on Amazon in paperback and also through her website. She’s also recorded new music that will soon launch with this project. We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Terry.

Tammy Reese: How has being a part of the music industry made an impact on you?

Terry Billy: Music has served every part of my life. From the goodness and the sadness, music has been within every part of me. Music was the foundation of my home due to my family being full of music lovers and talented musicians.  Music has served as my livelihood for growth, pain, and success.

Tammy Reese: How would you describe your style of music?

Terry Billy: My style of music gives the tones of vivid emotions, happiness, and also sad feelings.  Each song gives off different vibes that are rooted in my love for house music.

Tammy Reese: Happy Women’s History Month!

What history do you intend to make through your career?

Terry Billy: What once was can still be. I was signed in the 80’s and here I am years later putting out new music for the love of it because I can. My mantra is to live your life!  Living your life will create its own history by allowing others to be inspired by your motivation.

Tammy Reese: What women of the music industry have inspired you?

Terry Billy: Many women have inspired me.  Melba Moore keeps on giving as the true gift that she is.  Gladys Knight is another inspiration. She has epic vocals that never change. Tony Braxton is another inspiration because she stays true to who she is.

Tammy Reese: How has your creative journey been during the pandemic?

Terry Billy:  The pandemic has enhanced my creative journey and led me to become a first-time author and to record new music.

The downtime and change in my normal routine have forced me to shift my focus towards reflecting on my life.  I am now more grateful and taking my music career into my own hands.

Tammy Reese: Please tell us about your new novella, My Club Q Journey of Love?

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Terry Billy:  My new novella is definitely a journey of love from all around the world. It’s a musical healing experience that was inspired by D-Nice’s Club Quarantine Instagram series.  Watching his sets caused me to reflect back on some of my fondest memories in life.

It allowed me to think back on my early days in the music industry, growing up with my family, the loss of loved ones and so much more.  My Club Q Journey of Love is my new lease on life that started in childhood.

Tammy Reese: What are some memorable moments in your career so far?

Terry Billy:  I’ve had so many memorable moments throughout my career.  Some of them include me touring in Europe, raising money for AIDS awareness, and also helping to serve others.  In the book, readers can also see some photo images of some dope people that I’ve met along the way in music.

Tammy Reese: What else can we be on the lookout for from you?

Terry Billy: I plan to create more.  My first book has given me the motivation to write more books.  I plan to release a new children’s book and also more new house music. Stay tuned for more.

Keep up-to-date with Terry on social media:

Instagram as @terrybilly21 and on Facebook as @Author Terry Billy. 

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