Young Black Entrepreneur Cameron Brew

Cameron Brew started a fashion line and e-commerce store with her mom, Kim, after last summer’s social justice events left her feeling attacked as a young, black girl. Now, she’s lifted her own morale as she encourages everyone around her to embrace their black excellence! Her amazing mom is a single mother who works as an in-home Registered Nurse in Philadelphia.

Cameron opened Black, Gorgeous, and Rich last October. It’s an e-commerce store and fashion label with luxury apparel, bath, and body items to remind her customers that they deserve the best quality because her customers are of high worth.


Tammy Reese: Please tell us about the Black, Gorgeous, and Rich e-commerce store and what impact do you intend to make through your business?

Cameron Brew: We’re all about sending a powerful message to the black community that says: ‘I AM Black, Gorgeous and Rich.’ We do this to get black people to remember who they truly are as people. This is undeniably our truth.

The standard we set for our customers is luxury, which I think we deserve. We’re an alternative to Gucci, Versace, and other high-end brands that black people have come to revere. We just want our customers to feel good about themselves and their purchases when they spend their hard-earned money with us.

Tammy Reese: What do you enjoy most about being a young Black entrepreneur?

Cameron Brew: I enjoy seeing people in our clothes and knowing that I played a part in making them feel good about themselves. Wearing BGAR just makes you feel good.

Tammy Reese: How has 2021 been for you so far?

Cameron Brew: So far 2021 has been less stressful because I have learned how to prioritize and manage my time better.

Tammy Reese: What has it been like working with your mom?

Cameron Brew: Working with my mom has been a big learning opportunity in how to do business and meeting the demands of owning a business. She’s here to guide me and not let people take advantage of me because of my age.

Tammy Reese: What Black entrepreneurs throughout history have made an impact on you?

Cameron Brew: Rihanna is my favorite because she is more than just an entertainer, she’s transformed herself into a businesswoman, and I like that a lot. Seeing her in that position makes me believe I can be in that position, too.

Tammy Reese: What feedback have you received so far since you opened your business?

Cameron Brew: So far, we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our customers, and about 95% of them are repeat customers. We appreciate the relationships we’ve created. They almost always leave a 5-star review, so that’s really nice.

Tammy Reese: What are you looking forward to this year?

Cameron Brew: I’m looking forward to watching BGAR grow and collaborate with other businesses, so we can grow together. We’re releasing new products like our cologne called Billionaire. We designed our cologne to salute and honor black men, and there aren’t a lot of colognes created by Black-owned companies in the U.S.

I’m passionate about this because I like doing what people don’t expect. When people first heard that I was starting a business, the expectation was it would be a girly type of business. I knew I wanted to stand out and make this not a hobby but something that I could be proud of.

Tammy Reese: What advice would you give to aspiring Black entrepreneurs?

Cameron Brew: My advice would be to never get hung up on your mistakes, they are only lessons. Lessons are valuable in life because they teach us what not to do so that we can know better the next time.


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