Brand new sitcom about friends hustling to make it features Kyle Massey, Keraun “King Keraun” Harris, Teresa “Topnotch” Celeste, and more.“Millennials,” the six-episode original sitcom will premiere weekly beginning Thursday, February 25 on AMC Networks’ newly relaunched streaming service, ALLBLK, announced today. The hilarious new comedy is centered on the lives of four 20-something roommates and their neighbors across the hall; as they navigate the chaos of being young and finding success, and themselves, in the city of angels.

Omar (Kyle Massey, “That’s So Raven,”) is a straight-laced business student with dreams of taking over the corporate world, urging his goofball friends Jaheem (Keraun “King Keraun” Harris), a personal trainer; Travis (Philip BoldenAre We There Yet?) an insecure YouTuber; and college dropout Todd (Aaron Grady, “Everybody Hates Chris”) to get their acts together. In each episode, the friends’ schemes and antics make it abundantly clear that none of them have it all figured out– except maybe, their hardworking neighbor Mercedes (Teresa “Topnotch” Celeste, “Tales,” “Wild N’ Out”),  an aspiring actress from Atlanta who often serves as the only voice of reason for the guys. Tanjareen Thomas (“Famous in Love”), comedian Buddy Lewis (Big StanBlack Dynamite), and Katherine Florence (social media influencer), also star. The series is created by Rugg Williams and Oren Williams, with Bentley Kyle Evans serving as co-director and executive producer.


We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Kyle Massey.


Tammy Reese: “Millennials” has been receiving tons of press coverage in anticipation for the premiere on February 25th including Variety, Entertainment Tonight, Deadline, now We Empower Magazine and more. Please tell us about your character and the show?

Kyle Massey: Thank you so much! It’s really been exciting! It’s been a while since I’ve been on a sitcom so it’s going to be a fun journey.

My character name is Omar he’s a young business entrepreneur who is focused on growing, giving his best, and diversifying his portfolio.

He is very business driving but all of his family and roommates are always pulling him back somehow. It’s really funny moments that we have on the show.

Tammy Reese: Watching the trailer for the show, you can tell how on point the cast chemistry is. How was it working with the other actors?

Kyle Massey: It was a really good experience. A lot of the cast I worked with for the first time such as Katie and Philip Bolden. There are also people on the show like Aaron Grady who I’ve known for years and years. I literally grew up with him.

We’ve known each other since I was 9 years old. It was destiny for us to be able to eventually work together because we’ve been friends my whole life. I feel that the chemistry between him and I really helped evolve the chemistry with the rest of the cast because our energy with each other just expanded to everyone else. It was awesome.

Tammy Reese: Kyle, you were on “That’s So Raven” which was a hit show, and one of the highest rating Disney shows ever. Also, the show was nominated for Primetime Emmy’s and inspired a spin-off “Cory In The House” which you also starred in. How was the transition process for you from a child actor to an adult actor?

Kyle Massey: It has been a process. Being on shows like “That’s So Raven” and “Cory In The House” really changed the way I looked at acting.

Once I got out of that, I had to adapt to what was going on. How I did that was by studying the greats, studying what was successful, and studying others who had a successful transition.

That’s a process on its own and knowing the right timing and being patient.

The transition was slow but steady. I started with “Dancing With The Stars” and came in second place. That was my first transition into adult television. Then I waited a while and now I feel it’s the time to go full-blown to give it a fair shot.

Tammy Reese: It’s Black History Month! “Millennials” will be streaming on the AMC Networks’ newly rebranded streaming service ALLBLK. Who are some Black Actor and Comedians that have inspired you over the years?

Kyle Massey: I love Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer is really funny and Jamie Foxx is instrumental.

Will Smith is one of my biggest influences in the world. Will Smith did what I am attempting to do which is transition and keep transitioning to the next thing.

Also, Eddie Griffin, and Sinbad and so many more. There are a lot of great comedians who inspired me to do great things.

Tammy Reese: What do you want the viewers to take from “Millennials”?

Kyle Massey: I want the viewers to look at the show and realize that it’s not just a black show or a white show. It’s a show about relatable and crazy moments that are just dealt with through the lens of Black perspectives.

Everybody is welcome to come laugh with us. It’s really funny!

Tammy Reese: What words of empowerment would you leave our readers who aspire to become a television actor, but may be scared during these unprecedented times?

Kyle Massey: I would say scared is the worse thing you can be. If you don’t want to be scared then be prepared. Practice a lot if this is what you want to do. This is not the time to sit on the bench because there are more opportunities now than there have ever been.

When I was on “That’s So Raven” and Cory In The House” there were a handful of African American actors and we all knew each other because a lot of the time we went for the same roles.

There are a million jobs out there now, so for anyone who aspires to be an actor just keep going.



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