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In today’s market, many businesses are struggling to stay afloat.  With a lack of flexibility and uncertain revenue more and, more businesses are closing their doors.  As a respected global PR and Marketing firm, The epiMediaGroup, LLC has helped many small businesses develop a plan of action to keep their doors open.

It is imperative that all businesses have a disaster relief plan, which COVID-19 has proven. We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with The epiMediaGroup, LLC discussing some of the critical elements of success that every small business should employ in order to remain in business during these trying times.

Ebony Porter-Ike is the President of epiMedia Group, LLC. With over 15 years of strong business consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies in the space of Mergers and Acquisitions, energy, public sectors, and entertainment; Ebony Porter-Ike has been seen as the “Go to Person” for the resuscitation of failing businesses. She has been known as the guru for assisting new startups with a comprehensive marketing plan and objective.

With a clear view of business, she has worked on brokering deals for reality shows, production of large events, national hair shows, and building the brands of industry megastars. With an MBA in International Management and a certificate in Six Sigma as a Blackbelt, Ebony has successfully guided new product development projects offshore to provide maximum return for clients.

Her experience is unparalleled and unique in nature. Ebony has been featured in business magazines, journals, blogs and has spoken at numerous entrepreneurial conferences. She has received numerous awards for her exemplary work in Public Relations & Business.

Ebony is revered in the industry as the “Guru of Business” with her creative skills in helping new and existing brands to maximize their market share. Ebony is also the author and founder of Coinology™: The Series and The Coinology™ Program. Ebony has dedicated her life to her passion of assisting aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful by living their truth. This is the premise of the programs, events, and the epiConference.


Ebony Porter-Ike (President of epiMedia Group, LLC)


Tammy Reese: As a successful business, how have you adapted to the pandemic?

Ebony Porter-Ike:  Our entire business model shifted during the pandemic. As a public relations and marketing agency majority of her work was tied to in-person activations and campaigns that included client interactions.  I immediately began thinking of ways to achieve my client’s desired results, REMOTELY.

To be honest with you, every business should have had a hybrid option for their clients anyway. We live in a global market, so to solely rely on a physical connection to conduct business is very limiting.

Especially as it relates to conferences, premieres, meetings, product launches, and program activations.

Tammy Reese: How did epiMediaGroup, LLC come about?

Ebony Porter-Ike: I have always loved helping entrepreneurs to become more efficient and to increase their revenue.

Over the years I developed strong relationships on both the corporate side,  the entertainment industry and in media.

It was a natural progression that I created a firm that not only addressed client visibility but also increased revenue.  This is how the epiMediaGroup, LLC was formed.

Tammy Reese: What services do you offer your clients?

Ebony Porter-Ike: Our agency offers Public Relations, Strategic Marketing, Crisis Management, Event Activations, Social Media Management, Graphics, and Production.

Tammy Reese: What do you love most about the daily work that you do?

Ebony Porter-Ike: I love that every day is a new day. Meaning, I do not face the same workload each day.

Each of my clients has revolving needs and it is my job to come in and create a game plan to solve their problems each and every day. I am a natural-born problem solver.

Tammy Reese: In what ways do you give back to other business owners?

Ebony Porter-Ike: I find great pleasure in helping other business owners achieve their dreams.  See, there are lots of people who have a vision but do not know how to execute the plan to get there.

I have a gift for this. I can clearly see the steps required for a business owner to achieve their goals.  My team creates a custom approach for each client. We do not execute any client campaigns the same.

Tammy Reese: What are some misconceptions of PR and Marketing?

Ebony Porter-Ike: Many times clients believe that they do minimal work or that we have a magic wand that will create an overnight success.

In order for PR and Marketing to be successful, the client must be involved and have a clear vision of what success looks like for them.

is also important to have realistic goals and objectives and understand that a successful PR and Marketing campaign takes time and consistency.

Tammy Reese: What are some advantages of being in your field of business?

Ebony Porter-Ike: We meet some really cool people. Folks that you may have read about or studied, become your colleagues and business partners.  This industry is wide open and leaves so many growth opportunities.

Tammy Reese: What sets epiMediaGroup, LLC apart from others in your line of business?

Ebony Porter-Ike: Our focus with our clients is high visibility ROI.  We create customized campaigns that PAY!

Tammy Reese: What advice would you have for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur?

Ebony Porter-Ike: STUDY, RESEARCH, ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE, and BELIEVE, oh and be ready to work harder than you have ever in your entire life.

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