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Darbi CEO of BCA Culture: A Cutting-Edge Technology Company

Darbi CEO of BCA Culture: A Cutting-Edge Technology Company

In September 2020, a cutting-edge technology company, BCA Culture, launched their new app that will eliminate the mystery and intimidation around the business credit building process. The development of this application has drawn on years of expertise unlocking the complexities of establishing business credit and obtaining high-limit funding for small businesses. The new BCA Culture app guarantees a company will see results for business credit and funding as long as they follow the patented program created by BCA Culture at their fingertips.

During the global pandemic, an alarming amount of minority businesses were impacted by the plummeting economy.  While “majority” businesses were able to benefit from the additional funds that were injected into the US economy, a disproportionate amount of minority businesses missed out on obtaining business funding due to lack of knowledge or proper documentation, and misinformation. BCA Culture has created a process that will help the novice business owner obtain top credit to help introduce new products, services, float payroll, purchase equipment, or maintain its daily operations.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Darbi who is the CEO.

Darbi- CEO of BCA Culture (Provided Photo)


Tammy: At BCA Culture you assist your clients with obtaining Business Credit. How did BCA Culture come about?

Darbi: It came from my own trials and tribulations as a business owner. I was originally seeking business credit and funding for my own businesses many years ago and did not get straight answers or advice until I met my mentor. From there I truly began to see the needs of so many business owners with this particular service.

BCA Culture was originally an online live coaching program, where I would teach 25 entrepreneurs at a time how to obtain their own business credit in 5 weeks. Then it began to grow into live events and workshops. Me and Adam Ajetunmobi, our CTO was already working on developing our own platform, however, when the pandemic came it catapulted us because more businesses than ever we’re looking for funding and more interested in business credit to sustain their companies.

Tammy: What was your experience like when you first applied for Business Credit?

Darbi: I started applying for Business Credit many years ago when there were not as many limitations and red tape as there are now. Back then Business Credit was the Wild Wild West. I experienced easier access and larger approval amounts immediately.

Many of the big vendor companies who extended were reporting much faster than they are now. I was also very excited because I was getting business credit when I could not personally get personal credit cards. I was pumped. It was like a whole new world for me. I was about 2 years out of college and really my eyes were open.

Tammy: What are some misconceptions of Business Credit that make some people hesitant to apply?

Darbi: Many business owners have fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of a new way of thinking. Fear of “Is this legit” or “What can go wrong”. All these questions many entrepreneurs might have. Comparing their new business to a more established business that’s able to build business credit and get larger amounts and so on.

I say this to say the biggest misconception is to wait until you have it “all together”. The best time to build business credit is from day one of starting your business. Make sure your business foundation is legit and documented through the Secretary of State, have an EIN, open a business bank account, these are a few things that can be done today. Now.

Tammy: For aspiring business owners who aren’t aware, is it mandatory to have business credit? Why?

Darbi: Of course I am going to say yes. It’s about the bigger picture and access to more resources, funding, grants, and private/government contracts when your business will need it. It’s about being prepared for more.

Every business that has done big business has accessed a level of business credit and funding to go to new levels in their business.

Tammy: What is your role and what does that entail?

Darbi: I am the Visionary and CEO of BCA Culture. I am the overseer of the whole vision and I also work directly with our Executive Team to advance the vision for entrepreneurs to build business credit and obtain funding at the click of a button. I create key partnerships with funding companies, organizations, and political leaders in the marketplace. I also have to sort through potential investors.

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I am always creating revenue-generating opportunities for BCA Culture’s organization and team. I work closely with our Executive Team on a daily basis. I might be the eyes (for the vision) and the head (for the development of programs), but they are the body- the ears, the hands, mouthpiece, etc (connectors in the marketplace and with customers – which is everything). We work cohesively together.

Tammy: What other services does BCA Culture provide?

Darbi: In addition to our business credit and funding software, we are focused on our Stimulus Assistance Funding program for small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to obtain the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), EIDL, and other grants due to COVID-19.

Tammy: What else would you like our readers to know about BCA Culture?

Darbi: We truly love what we do and aspire to assist as many entrepreneurs as possible. We are developing other programs now that will truly be revolutionary for entrepreneurs to transition in this digital world we are now in.

I look forward to my team really unfolding that vision that we are developing. I know firsthand it will be revolutionary and key in business development in 2021 and beyond.

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