Curlanistas CEO Lexi P

The world was first introduced to a 12-year-old Lexi P in 2018 when she was entered into the Sally Beauty Cultivate-For Women by Women accelerator program. She not only won but went on to have features in Essence, Rolling Out, Hype Hair, Michael Baisden,  Good Morning Washington, Good Morning America, and dozens of others. She also has attended Black Girls Rock where she was able to meet and interview DJ Beverly Bond.


Now a teenager, Lexi is still running her Curlanistas brand which can be found in 88 Sally Beauty stores but she has rebranded and is launching a textured ponytail line. Her campaign “Embrace your texture” launched February 1 just in time for Black history month. 


“We want everyone to embrace their texture,” says Curlanistas CEO, Lexi P. The new, natural hair ponytail extensions are designed to match the natural texture of each consumer.  Consumers can embrace their texture with four style offerings of Kinky Curly (4B-4C); Afro Curl (4C); Curly Curl (3B-3C); and Kinky Blow Out.   “Never have a bad hair day for school or work again”

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Tammy Reese: What was your experience like in the Sally Beauty Cultivate-For Women by Women accelerator program?

Lexi P: It was truly a dream come true being part of the Sally Beauty Cultivate Program. I learned so much about running a brand and I honestly don’t know where my business would be today without the support from Sally Beauty.

To have my Curlanista hair products on the shelves of their stores around the country feels so good. Sally Beauty has given me so many amazing opportunities to be part of the beauty industry.

I’ve gotten a chance to share my message of self-love with thousands of people and it feels so good.

Tammy Reese: You have received a lot of media coverage for your success, what was one of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

Lexi P: Being featured in Essence Magazine has to be one of my most memorable moments. Especially because both times I was featured, two women I look up to were on the cover. Michelle Obama was on one cover and Gabrielle Union on the other, I was so honored. I was also featured on Good Morning America and that was really amazing too.

Tammy Reese: You got to meet Beverly Bond. What was meeting her like?

Lexi P: Meeting Beverly Bond was such an inspiring moment. I love Black Girls Rock and watch faithfully every year, meeting the founder was so big. She was so nice and really encouraged me to keep shining.

Tammy Reese: Please tell us about your Curlanistas brand?

Lexi P: Curlanistas is a natural hair care brand. It’s also a brand centered around self-love. Curlanistas is for kids by a kid. It has all the things kids love from the yummy bubble gum and candy scent to the cute girly color of pink and it makes your hair so, so soft.

Moms and Dads say their kids love it! I know what it’s like crying to get your hair detangled so my product is extra special because I put that extra magic in it so kids can say bye, bye to those tears, and hello to popping curls.

I’m known for inspiring other girls and kids to dream big. I love visiting other schools and being featured as a guest speaker to share my journey.

The greatest reward is knowing I’m making a difference and am inspiring girls. I really love hearing from parents, teachers, and my Curlanistas about how I helped a young girl. It just makes me feel so good knowing my brand makes a difference in this world.

Tammy Reese: How did the Embrace your texture campaign come about?

Lexi P: I wanted to create the embrace your texture campaign to celebrate all hair types. I hate hearing people say oh you have good hair, all hair is good hair and should be celebrated.

I also was inspired to create a line of textured ponytails that match all hair types. If you wanted to add length and an easy quick change to your look my textured ponytails are a creative solution. It’s Black History Month and I want all girls and women around the world to embrace their texture.

Tammy Reese: What else can we be on the lookout for from you?

Lexi P: I just started acting and am super excited about a project I’m working on now. I also love writing and plan on writing more books. I also plan to grow my Curlanista line and launch more products.


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