Bashir Hogue: Giving You The Love Factor That Will Love U Back

Two-time Gospel Image Award and London Music Stellar Award Winner, BaShir Hogue is known for his dynamic gospel voice and comedic humor. Now he is showing another side of himself with his recently released EP, Love Factor.

His most current single, Love U Back, not only gives you the reminder of a time when music was soulfully sexy, but you also come to realize he is more than breathing life back into another genre of music outside of gospel. With his soulful vocals and mesmerizing lyrics, you are able to mentally escape to thoughts of love, seduction, and deep emotion. After all, aren’t these all the factors of love we feel at some point in time or another? I would say so and so will you as you are hypnotized as you listen and take in this song and all of the others on this EP.

Singer and songwriter, BaShir Hogue is no stranger to music. He began singing at the age of 10 in the Open Door Baptist Church choir in Philadelphia, Pa. In 2002, he released his debut album Everyday and it was highlighted in London and sold out the first week on Amazon and record stores everywhere. In 2005, he released his album Patience, which was recorded live at the Bethel Deliverance International Church.

Blessed with a broad vocal range, he has worked with and/or shared the stage with many Gospel recording artists such as Kim Allen Sledge (from the RnB group Sister Sledge), Tramaine Hawkins, Kim Burrell, Karen Clark-Sheard, Maurette Brown Clark, and Daryl Coley. He has also worked with some great super producers like G.O., Jill Comely, Jason Hype, Sean Walker, John Davis, Dallas A. P. 2011-14, DSI Productions, Rod J Productions, and many more national recording artists producers.

Though heavily known for his gospel music, Prince was his inspiration to step outside of it. And while Prince was not really considered R&B, you can clearly hear the influence in the way Bashir Hogue chose to deliver his style in Love Factor.

BaShir Hogue has written and directed his hit play entitled The Return and was cast in upcoming screenplays entitled First Lady Drama and Is There A Man In The House, which is Directed by Elder Charles Miller. With a documentary movie in the making entitled “Both Sides” and promoting the release of his EP and his single Love U Back, BaShir is sure to continue to break into this newfound place in his life that is becoming a huge success.

As an international singing artist with many accolades, his biggest accomplishment to date is having his dad live to see his success before his passing in 2019. This meant everything to him because he said all his dad wanted was for him to make it. And that he did. During the interview, he also said it is extremely rewarding to know that he has won awards that he was told he couldn’t win. I am here to tell you, we can expect so much more from this spiritual, yet soulful artist.

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