A Different Kind “Cherry on Top”: Pop Sensation, Jasmine Ortiz Is More Than A Treat

In the music industry, there are those that aim high and then there are those rare breeds that fly high. And flying high is precisely what pop sensation, Jasmine Ortiz is doing; and doing so with the intention and persistence of a shooting star.

This young artist is multi-faceted in so many ways that calling her “talented” would be…quite honestly, insulting. Why? Because not only is Jasmine is a composer, singer, songwriter, producer, and actress; she also plays five instruments (guitar, drums, violin, piano, and saxophone), is a student at the University of Miami, a diplomacy fellow for Best Delegate at the Model United Nations Institute, and speaks and sings fluently in three languages (Spanish, English, and Chinese).

One could say she is unique; however, gifted, genius, extraordinary, and selfless would probably describe this pop sensation better.

Most musical artist in the entertainment industry thrives on live performances and being in the studio creating new music and so does Jasmine. After all, you don’t just make and release numerous music videos in different languages in less than a year and not love it, which her music video for “Intentions” was the first to reach over one million views. But Jasmine passion extends far beyond the live performances and attaining over three million views and streams between her videos on her YouTube channel, on other channels such as Vevo/ Vydia, TV shows (Music Choice, HTV, Rumba TV, etc.), and on Spotify, Audiomack & other streaming platforms.

Jasmine Ortiz is a huge activist for global issues and says she wants her end game to be greater than entertainment. She is passionate about working with the United Nations and being an advocate for marginalized people, environmental justice, and immigration reform. She really feels these issues are incredibly pertinent to everyone in our society.

From her multi-lingual music to her global advocacy, it is no wonder her fan base spans from the United States to Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

In a few years, Jasmine will get to celebrate graduating college, but for now, she gets to celebrate the success of her previous single Trick or Treat (Oct 2020). In the first month of this music video being released, she exceeded over 1 Million views on YouTube and currently over 1.6 million and climbing. People resonated with this single because it is about becoming interested in someone just to find out the person on the other side really did not like you or was just playing mind games. Who has this not happened to (especially when dating)?

In opposite to Trick or Treat, her recently released single, “Cherry on Top” (Jan 2021), is a fun song about giving someone all the right vibes, and everything is so sweet that it makes that person want more. In a recent interview, Jasmine stated this was one of her favorite songs to write, which was also inspired by her hair color, and that she had worked really hard to insert ice-cream and cherry related puns or references and use words having double meanings. You don’t really have to ask if this will be a hit because it already is. In less than a week of its release, it has already had over 207,000 views on YouTube alone.

Jasmine Ortiz said it best when she said, “I firmly believe that anything is possible with the right amount of planning and hard work to follow through. If you’re doing everything you can on your end, at some point you need to let the universe guide you and let it come to fruition.” And that is exactly what she is letting the Universe do!

In 2021, we are going to see a lot manifest for this brilliant artist, academic, and activist. Stay connected with all she is doing at:

IG: @iamjasmineortiz

Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJH4SUmG/

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