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Oftentimes, corporate missions stem from a personal experience and journey. When it comes to the CEO of the Samarian Group and H2One Alfred Zaccagnino, his drive is impactful and a necessity, especially in 2020 and beyond.

H2One CEO and co-founder, Alfred Zaccagnino, says the H2One Hand Sanitizer product was born out of necessity: “As we all went through this pandemic, I had an early realization that there was going to be an urgent need for safe and quality hand sanitizes; there just wouldn’t be enough to go around. I wanted to form a team highly capable of creating the best product, while also giving back to those most in need.”

Zaccagnino attributes his drive from growing up on welfare. “One of my earliest childhood memories was when walking with my Morn through Coney Island Brooklyn to receive our free five-pound block of government cheese. This would happen once every 6 months. I’d tell my young self to react better and do a better job of changing my surroundings when scenarios didn’t seem right. To ‘speak up’ when or if you have to. For example, although 7 years old, I recognized a couple of people following us to and from the Church. On the way home, we got jumped for our five-pound block of government cheese. I told myself then, told myself at 9-11-2001 when an air traffic controller, and will tell myself today as an investor, ‘Never Forget’.”

He is undoubtedly a dedicated philanthropist aimed at bringing opportunities to struggling communities. Zaccagnino is a proud member of the Global Sustainability Network (GSN), a worldwide network of over 500 global change-makers working towards eradicating extreme poverty and inequality and helping to stem climate change by 2030. He also supports Hank’s Yanks—a youth baseball team for at-risk kids—and dedicates resources each year to Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, which provides direction to inner-city children ages 6-18.

Impact on Kids & Families

H2One has created a USP grade, FDA registered, 75% Ethyl Alcohol premium hand sanitizer formulated with Vitamin E and Essential oils. “We’re dedicated to making it easier for
you to care for yourself, and to take better care of others,” says Zaccagnino.  In fact, H2One has launched its giving back program by donating to New York’s Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, San Francisco Marin Food Bank, and to almost 400 public schools in the NY Tri-State area. Future donations are planned for healthcare workers and first responders. Alfred has been donating to Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club and Hanks Yanks for over a decade with his other business ventures.

H2One Giving Back Program & One for One Promise

From day one, the H2One mission has been to help support global health initiatives with donations to communities through non-profits organizations, food banks, churches, synagogues, etc., especially in low-income communities.

They donate hand sanitizer to +375 schools in the US to keep children and teachers safe, including the New York Yankees, New York City Public Schools, San Francisco Marin Food Bank and Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, and more!

Every online purchase of our H2One provides a bottle to one in need. H2One is widening the circle of care with the H2One for One Promise by focusing on making sure frontline workers are safe by donating bottles to organizations in need and working with educational organizations on educating everyone on how to properly sanitize their hands. A portion of their Business Direct sales will be donated to charity through the H2One Clean Hands initiative.

“Putting smiles on the faces of others, especially when someone gets emotional through the thoughts, positive actions, and care of giving. I love being able to provide a quality product to someone who is in need. It is like the “give a gift” feeling of the December holiday season, but all year long,” says Zaccagnino.

Standing Apart & Above

H2One Hand Sanitizer is Safe, Effective, Premium – FDA registered and SGS Fairfield third party safety tested, 75% ethyl alcohol balanced with essential oils and aloe. This creates a high-quality product that is effective at killing germs while moisturizing hands. Our testing and QC are managed by a former FDA executive to ensure safety and consistency. Products are available at Home Goods, Marshalls, Amazon Prime, H2One.com, Loop & Tie, Wish, NewEgg, and more.

“Everybody has their own unique life path. My wish is that the  H2One Promise movement will cause other startups to do the same as we “lead by example” at Samarian Group and Code One Inc. with H2One as the pilot…(I was an Air Traffic Controller for many years),” says Zaccagnino.

Every online purchase of our H2One provides a bottle to one in need. We are widening the circle of care with our H2One for One Promise. A portion of our Business Direct sales will be donated to charity through our H2One Clean Hands initiative.

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