Bessie Lee-Cappell: Pacifying Babies, Baby Bottles, & Parents

Ideas sometimes have a way of manifesting into dreams, and sometimes those dreams are so big they manifest into inventions. At least that is how it was for Philadelphia-born, Bessie-Lee Cappell, inventor of the Brush Bib and owner of Baby Bottle Brush Bib.

As one of seven siblings and a mother of three, Bessie-Lee is no stranger to babies, bottle washing, and…well, let’s face, everything motherhood. And while new (and seasoned) moms know a lot; they also know when they need something they don’t have. And that is precisely what prompted the invention of the Brush Bib.

The Brush Bib is a flat, protective, silicone barrier that goes around the bottle brushes to prevent the dreaded splashback every parent faces when washing baby bottles. They are available in both neutral and light colors. Because of the material, they are lightweight, easy to clean, and storing is not an issue at all!

So, what exactly was the motivation behind this invention? In an interview, Bessie-Lee explained that while washing baby bottles, the water splashing back on her work clothing became a frustration. She then purchased bottle brush cleaners that claimed to reduce splash back only to be more disappointing as the description for the product was not entirely accurate, yet the price was higher. As a matter of fact, she realized the higher the cost, the bigger the splashback!

Even more flustered dealing with wet clothing and realizing what she sought was not available after exhaustive research and product reviews; she decided to create something on her own. A college graduate, Bessie-Lee was used to hard work and knew what she wanted to achieve was going to take that and more. She also knew there was no way she could be the only parent struggling with baby bottle drama and that was her motivation.

While creating prototypes, which Bessie-Lee said she originally made using a cheap $5.00 yoga mat, there were a lot of trials and errors. She estimated sizes based on the size of her hand pretending it was the shield from the splashback. She then began to make the size a bit bigger as the water still splash on her and eventually was able to discover a size that was perfect since she no longer got wet.

From there, she knew the next step was getting her invention patented to protect herself. She knew this was invention was going to be a game-changer for the baby product industry. Seeking the advice of a patent attorney made the process less difficult.

When asked what her biggest obstacle has been, Bessie-Lee said, “getting my products into a brick in mortar store. I was determined to have my products seen in a storefront.” She went on to explain how she spent many days walking in and out of baby stores in Philadelphia pitching her products to the owners and providing her contact information before leaving. Her persistence paid off when The Nestinghouse, a prominent, Philadelphia baby store accepted to carry her products.

Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company has since expanded its products to include a pacifier teether clip, which is FDA-approved, BPA-free, and eco-friendly. It also has a unique option to have interchangeable suspender clips (which are also FDA-approved and BPA-free) that double as teethers.

Parenting should be easier and that is precisely what the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company is set out to accomplish!

For more information on the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company, click HERE or send an email to [email protected].

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