Joy created the All Black Everything Summit in response to the state of the world in 2020: Covid-19, mass unemployment, and crushing social injustice. She wants Black Global Creative Pros to know their worth, remain positive, & “stay ready so they don’t have to get ready.” Joy is also a Beauty Expert, High Fashion Make-Up Artist (Oscar De La Renta, Vera Wang), & Creator of “The Joy in Beauty” whose work has been featured in O Magazine. Joy took some time to speak with us about her creative genius!

WE: What inspired the All Black Everything Summit?

JF: The All Black Everything Summit is an annual digital event providing vital support and resources to Black innovators while addressing the challenges and mental blocks that keep us from achieving and securing the bag.

WE: What was your most challenging moment as an entrepreneur?

JF: Definitely the Covid-19 pandemic. I was a working make-up artist and I couldn’t work. That’s how the All Black Everything Summit was born. I wanted to do something to keep people, Black people, motivated and inspired. After the George Floyd incident, I realized that this was a very much needed event in the creative community.

WE: What is the “JOY” in Beauty? Sorry I had to ask it like that because it’s so catchy and creative. Please tell us more…

JF: I created the Joy in Beauty to help all women find the balance between beauty and perfection. It’s my desire to encourage us all to have fun with make-up without using it as a tool to hide ourselves from the world. You are perfect and whole RIGHT NOW and you don’t need an unattainable level of perfection to have a fulfilling life! In this space, I share my discoveries, tips, tricks, mantras, and manifestations that will remind you of who you are and who you’ve always been.

Photo Credit: Joy Fennell

WE: Going into the new year what are you working on?

JF: As a creative person, I tend to keep my cards close to my heart because I don’t want to jinx anything, LOL! But what I can tell you is that the All Black Everything Summit is coming back stronger than ever! What my team and I were able to create in a small window frame is just a glimpse into what we are bringing to the table in 2021. So stay tuned!!!

2020 got kind of a bad rap. In actuality, a lot of us were able to find new passions, grow closer to loved ones, and speak up for ourselves and our communities. If we could do that in a year like 2020, then there is no stopping us from moving forward. We hold the keys to our futures. Unapologetically.

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Headshot Photograph Credit: Justin Marquis

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