Gloria Ward, is the founder of The I’m Loving Me Project and inspiring women around the world to overcome and become.

After losing her mother to AIDS as a young girl, and being raised by her grandmother in the lower class of the Bronx, NY, Gloria Ward wasn’t expected to become a Serial Entrepreneur. It isn’t expected for anyone who has had a past of struggle to rise above, but this woman set her own standard of living and is now inspiring others to do the same.

Recently seen on the Tamron Hall Show, CBS NY, Global Woman Magazine, and Voyage ATL, Atlanta Entrepreneur Gloria Ward founded the I’m Loving Me Project, and Girls L.E.A.P. (Learn. Earn. Advance. Profit.) with 1 goal: to inspire one million women worldwide to overcome and BEcome. Using her life as an example, she is teaching women to push beyond adversity and discover self-love and growth. Gloria has heard direct stories of suicide survivors, cyber harassment advocates, rape victims, mental health advocates, abuse survivors, kidnapping survivors, and heart attack survivors and has watched each become inspired in growth. 

Renowned by her relatability and realness with her platform, Gloria intends to continue the movement of sharing, healing and self-growth. Gloria takes a moment to share with us her story.

WE: Tell us in 3 words who is Gloria Ward?

GW: Loving, Energetic, Passionate

WE: Elaborate on the “The Self Relationship” concept.

GW: Most if not all of us long for connection. Whether that connection is with a mate, family member, or friend. When we do find these relationships, we tend to give a lot of ourselves to keep it even if it means sacrificing our happiness. We neglect to think about the importance of having a relationship with ourselves. When we thing about self relationship we want to consider what we’re doing to support and take care of ourselves. How much time are we spending trying new things, working on our mental health, relaxing, etc. Having a relationship with yourself really means you become your own best friend. You make a point to choose yourself first unapologetically. Choose a relationship with yourself first, means you can be the best for everyone else.

WE: How do you self care?

GW: I spend a lot of my time reading and trying new things. I love sitting on my sofa with a great biography from people I admire. It takes my mind off of things going on in my world and gives me a sneak peak into theres. I also love food. When I hear about new restaurants in town, I would go visit to help expand my palate. It’s always a good experience when I take time out for me because it keeps me connected to the things that makes me happy.

WE: What inspired the I’m Loving Me Project?

GW: A lot of ups and downs in my life inspired the project. If I had to choose one I would have to say after my second DUI I knew I had to change my life. I fell asleep while driving home from a night of heavy drinking and hit another car from behind. I was so afraid I hurt the people in the car I knew I had to do something to change my life. I knew that night was not about a night of heavy drinking but years of me being sad, afraid, and disappointed with my life. I knew if I didn’t change I wouldn’t have been so lucky.

WE: During your journey Did you ever have a I want to give up moment? How did you get past it?

GW: Oh yes every week lol… Sometimes when things don’t go our way, our minds try to convince us that what we are doing might not be for us or we should question ourselves. The way I get past it is I remember and revisit my vision. What we have to understand is life is full of challenges and their there to help us grow. If we are passionate and consistent and can remember the reason why we started in the first place, we can push pass any challenge.

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