Fitness and Health from the Black Male Perspective

In our modern climate, the Black community has been affected by various health issues more than ever before and during the Pandemic. We as a culture need as much advice as possible and we need to listen to a variety of perspectives on how to live a healthier lifestyle. Which helps us individually and collectively as a people. Today we hear from Nathaniel “Cremson” Seymore (Marital Artists and Music Artist) and Jon “JM” Mullins ( Fitness Coach & Music Producer) so we can get a glimpse into health and wellness from a Black Male Perspective.
Tammy: JM please tell us about your fitness company?
Our Mission is to create an environment where phamily phun meets phitness! Our goal is to provide a solution for busy parents who can’t find time for the gym. Our plan is simple, get parents and kids moving at the same time. This “same time” concept is one that we’ve specifically developed at Phase 1 Phitness for the purpose of family cohesiveness. “At Phase 1 Phitness, we believe that the family that trains together, sustains together.” -JM
Jon “JM” Mullins (Provided Photo)
Tammy: Why is it important for you to advocate for other Black Men to take interest in fitness?
JM:  It’s important to me for the BLACK COMMUNITY (not just MEN) to take interests in fitness because in the black community” we’re more prone to chronic illnesses based on the history of where our people have been “placed” throughout history in regards to our neighborhoods and upbringing. When you look at “systemic racism”, “redlining” as well as “systemic oppression” it is unfortunate that our people have been placed in neighborhoods and living situations that aren’t always necessarily conducive to health. The health of our people is extremely important for us to be able to solidify a future, so when you start implementing exercise it can help reduce a lot of those risks in regards to chronic illnesses and adds extreme amounts of health benefits for longevity. 
Tammy: What services do you provide in that regard?
JM: The whole facility offers you a chance to move and benefit from increased cardiovascular. We have a bunch of different programs that offer you a chance to MOVE and have fun at the same time. 
Tammy: Nate, how did Martial Arts have an impact on you and why would you recommend it to other Black men? 
Nate: Martial Arts has impacted my life by helping me realize that I must, first, deal with and master myself before I even attempt to help anyone else. Being able to honestly self-reflect and consciously and actively change the things about myself that can be improved upon is something most people can achieve but have not been taught how.
True Martial Arts can be a very effective tool for reaching this goal.
Tammy: What are some valuable lessons you have learned from Martial Arts?
Nate: The two most important lessons the Martial Sciences have taught me -without a doubt- are patience and remaining calm under extreme pressure. These two lessons will serve anyone well if they plan to be successful in this life.
Tammy: JM, what is your favorite work out routine, and why?
JM: I’ve been keen on the Superman workout routine as of late because it encompasses all-around strength and cardiovascular training and literally makes me give up towards the end of the workout. It is definitely not for the faint at heart.
Tammy: What does living a healthier lifestyle look like to you?
Nate: Well, for me, a healthier lifestyle looks like my life. LOL! I mean, if you have a growth mindset about your health- meaning you are actively seeking to improve your health daily- then you are living a healthier lifestyle. You don’t have to be a vegan or pescatarian to be considered healthy. You can eat beef, for instance, but is it organically grow and naturally fed? Is it free-range? Is it filled with GMO’s and other unnatural chemicals? How many ingredients are in your food sources? If you are asking yourself these questions, answering them honestly every day, and then acting towards improvement (even if it is moderate), you are, then, living a healthier lifestyle, respectively.
JM: Proper nutrition and exercise – and making it A PART of your daily routine. By living that lifestyle… you then pass on those traits and habits to your next generation in the event you want to have kids. So, being a good example for yourself and others.
Tammy: What advice would you have for other Black men who aspire to live a healthier lifestyle?
Nate: For starters, try to avoid soy products- it literally makes you soft by increasing the amount of estrogen your body produces. Do not eat anything white! No white sugar, flour, anything (except maybe salt- and only because it holds the essential nutrient iodine- iodized sea salt is a healthier alternative, though). If you really want to see quick physical results, start doing compound weight lifting training exercises like bench- pressing, squatting, and power cleaning, to name a few. And finally, remember to drink plenty of water (alkaline if possible) and get regular physical check-ups from your doctor or healthcare provider.

JM: Simple, don’t treat your health like it’s an option. Your HEALTH is your wealth. Literally.

Learn more about Nathaniel “Cremson” Seymore and Jon “JM” Mullins who are the Co-Founders of GIIB Music Group HERE.

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